The 13th Tokyo Girls Collection was held last weekend over at the Saitama arena and featured a truly dizzying array of models and a good number of popular fashion brands including Murua, One Spo, Cecil McBee, aquagirl, bonica dot and even some foreign favorites like H&M and American Apparel.  However it must be said that even with the hundreds of models from all the key Japanese girls magazines in attendance and some 20 fashion shows, thanks to the whole TGC running the best part of 4 hours (with long breaks) it did feel like the fashion side of the Tokyo Girls Collection was in the shadow of corporate sponsorship and celebrity appearances.  Not that that is a criticism in the slightest, the event is a successful one and if people want to buy the official soundtrack and iphone covers than they are free to do so.  It is only a minor point that I am getting at, but there is a gulf between a fashion show aimed at editors and buyers and that put on as a show for the public and this must be kept in mind when looking at the TGC as this kind of commercial fashion show is still a relatively new concept.

Anyway, the fashion shows that flitted between the performances by T-ara and girls dressed as the latest bread from Family Mart, were fantastic and reflected the real diversity in mainstream Japanese fashion at the moment.  Without a doubt the flavor of the day was “Bloggers Style”, but the opening show by The Night Porter was all people could talk about with its dark fetishistic take on the trends of the moment:

The stylist was Tsuyoshi Noguchi and you could just feel his strong feminine vision in every outfit that graced the excessively long catwalk.  Next to the brands that dressed women somewhat childishly, this felt bold and reflected the move to mode fashion deep within Gyaru havens like Shibuya 109 and young people in general.

This show just seemed to read the trends of the moment perfectly and seeing the media reaction within Japan this had the effect that TGC desired by placing this as the first defining show this year.

Can’t wait for those hats to hit retail later this year.  I hope to see a Tokyo packed with girls reclaiming the rebellious strength that Gyaru originally stood for and failing that, I will always be happy to see more black.

But don’t worry I won’t just be talking about The Night Porter special collection, there were many more shows on the day, but frankly none that powered through the mainstream trends with more gusto than the above.

Compared to last season there were significantly less edgy brands that exhibited as part of TGC.  This was definitely a show geared towards popularity and the mainstream although One Spo did pull out all the stops for their royal military collection.

More “Bloggers Style” and a resounding success in the form of that leopard print riders on the right!

Not sure about either of the above (both one spo), but at least they put on a good show.

More one spo, trying very hard to steal the show and almost succeeding.

And finally some street ready outfits from Vence Exchange which echoed the dominant feel of the opening show.

That was my heavily edited version of the 4 hour show, if you are in the mood for a look at all the shows in all their varying glory then the main TGC site should be updated by the time you read this.  I have gone for a mode fashion focused look at the event, but thanks to the brands like aquagirl you could quite easily ignore the above and go for a slightly more conservative version of events.  I guess what I am getting at is that there is an awful lot of awfully good fashion out there in very accesible places right now and without much effort you can get a damn classy look very easily.  Thanks to the success of TGC I honestly believe this is a great time for Japanese fashion, never has it been so easy to be so fashionable.

Images from the wonderful Fashion Press.

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4 Responses to 13th Tokyo Girls Collection – Fashion Show Report A/W 2011

  1. With this being my first fashion show, I was shocked at the amount of guests and live performances there were! I was actually kinda bored at times during them and used some as bathroom breaks! While I’m sure it was kinda cool for people who bought tickets to get all of that ‘extra’ from it (I mean… to see a Johnny’s live alone you have to shell out at least 6,000 yen. And we got those roller sakting fools practically for free!), I wanted more models and clothes!

    When Night Porter marched out, I thought of you guys immediately. They were one of my favorites, along with Vence Exchange and Lovedrose &Co.

    That very top photo was one of my least favorite outfits. I swear, it looks like she’s wearing a toilet seat around her face!

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Caroline Josephine,

    Great to hear from you as always! Although now I can’t un-see the toilet seat around her face…

    But yeah, the fashion that was there was (largely) good, but as you and many others have been saying the event as a whole needed a whole lot of editing. Maybe there was some corporate bickering behind the scenes to make sure everyone got equal exposure or whatever, either way it clearly needed more focus on what people were actually interested in. At the end of the day TGC shows that you can run this kind of thing as a commercial success based on interest in fashion alone.

    I should also say that there are a couple more events like this already being planned for different styles, so expect to see more of this kind of “for the fans” events in the future…


  3. Sarah says:

    Hey, is there any sign of The Night Porter collection being on sale anywhere? Because I would spend money on that, like, in a HEARTBEAT. Especially that black and white Peter Pan collared belted dress. Oh my god.

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Sarah – I have a feeling that The Night Porter collection was kind of a stylist special, rather than an actual brand; I’m having trouble finding any further info!
    On the plus side though, Tokyo is full of little spare collars right now (and I’m sure you could even make your own!) so you could get the look of the perter pan collar dress quite easily 😉

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