There is certain moment that all English visitors to Japan will inevitably have, and it concerns the most unlikely item: the Royal Mail messenger bags.  They are enormously popular with the most unlikely people in Japan and are guaranteed to cause the average UK citizen a good amount of surprise when you first spot one as well as being a source of short-lived nostalgia for our green and pleasant isles till you remember what the Royal Mail is actually like…  Anyway, given their faintly iconic status in Japanese street fashion it was only a matter of time before someone themed an entire collection around them and this is exactly what 1982114251 did last S/S, and with great success I might add.  But they did not stop there, they continued in their quest to elaborate on the iconic and their next target was the classic leather biker jacket.  In their most recent collection they have sourced hundreds of gorgeous vintage riders jackets and hacked them to bits to use them as the building blocks for bags, accessories and trousers.

The overall effect easily surpasses the “remake fashion” label and pushes the brand into something celebratory of history and place while being backed up by significant technical proficiency in the construction.

Aside from the Royal Mail bags (don’t worry they are coming) and leather jackets they also rework with Afganistan coin work and beading.

Not to mention a good amount of studding!

The look is an evolved take on the vintage street look beloved of Ura-Harajuku and sits next to the work stocked in Berberjin and Acycle and definitely reminds me of my occult punk crush – Kamo.

At the moment most of the output is limited to the items you see above: bags, sandals, trousers/shorts and leather cuffs.

Needless to say, everything is a one-off and passes through a very small number of hands to get to you – although the vintage materials have probably lived quite a life already.

And now for the isolated items, prepare to be impressed:

Love the construction on this.

I just like trying to identify all the parts of the jacket that went into the above, I see shoulder pads, collars, lapels, pockets…

And just in case you were wondering what the designer is working on for next season:

I think the key aspect of the evolved vintage brands is their ability to identify and isolate the iconic shapes and structures of designs classics and find new ways to present them.  For my money 1982114251 definitely fulfill that remit, and although the allure of a Royal Mail bag is lost on me I would enjoy rocking a riders jacket with a riders bag – after-all you can never have too many leather jackets.

If you want to know more then there is a homepage which I would bookmark if I were you.  There is literally no chance you are going to remember that series of numbers in a months time…

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2 Responses to 1982114251 – time – location – technique – history

  1. brad-t says:

    The beading reminds me a lot of my 5351 bag and the infamous Undercover knit-sleeve perfecto. Definitely want to see a better shot of that bracelet.

    Also, this is definitely in the running for “least memorable brand name ever”

  2. Samuel says:

    I know! I actually only found about about it by asking a guy with one of the reconstructed backbacks where he got it from and he couldn’t remember the name either – “just some numbers”. So when I randomly saw it the other day I thought I had better write about it before I forgot it again…

    That kind of Afganistan coin and beadwork turns up in Berberjin and Acycle quite often. I like it, especially when it is done with a heavy black palate like on your 5351 bag.

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