Continuing on from part 1 of our look at Acryl Bones yesterday (here if you missed it), we are going to be looking at the other side of this Harajuku select shop – the accessories brand Route 714.  As with the authentic Japanese rock style that the shop sells, the emphasis here is on made in Japan quality and the culture that should go with the fashion.  The style is the kind of Catholic inspired religious accessories that brands like Animal Magic and the like do so well, and has also largely been adopted by mori-girls and the Grimoire crowd.  Except where as the market has largely been flooded with cheap base metal copies that frankly disgrace the importance of the symbolism that these items should hold, this brand uses authentic vintage parts in their line, and it is not rare to see items dating back to the early 1800s next to modern Japanese elements.  Whether that is more sacrilegious is up to you, but as a serious accessory connoisseur, it is nice to see someone do this kind of style the way it ought to be – accept no Takeshita Doori imitations, this is the real thing:

Like the rest of the shop, the interior of the Route 714 gallery space is pretty much hammered together from scratch and is out and out effortlessly cool.

One of a kind accessories abound, and are all accompanied with notes explaining the parts and the meaning , so when you wear a La Medaille Miraculeause, you do can actually know what it stands for.

Some footage of their related private fashion shows that they hold in secret over Tokyo.  If you want an invite inquire in store…

I can vouch that everything is really well made, and aside from the prevalence of brass and silver, there are some nice alloys that you don’t see much of these days – like black copper and iron.

We have a little bit more to show you from Acryl Bones, but that is going to have to wait for another time.  For now I advise you to head on over to the headquarters of their brand guild here, where you can see more and find your nearest stockist if you can’t just trot into Harajuku.

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2 Responses to Acryl Bones – Route 714 – Part 2

  1. Seren says:

    It’d be really helpful if you’d post addresses and/or maps of the places you cover – I’m reading all these articles and just dying trying to find them on google maps! xD

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Seren

    I get emails about this all the time! We used to use google map integration, but it became almost impossible to keep it updated. For example, this place has now actually closed and you are now best of finding this brand over in an art gallery in Asakusa.

    We really want to include maps, but we also don’t want to put false information out there as locations may change in time – sorry!

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