Samuel and I are both huge fans of H>Fractal and the brands that they feature, so of course ACV is no exception. As soon as I saw that the spring 2012 collection was available, I started writing this post and then got really excited and kind of earmarked a few items for myself… which turned into at least half a dozen. With all the incredible clothing around at the moment I think my bank balance is going to take a few major hits – oh dear!

I think one of the greatest things about H>Fractal is the genuine passion these guys have for the clothes that they wear. You can easily spot them walking around Harajuku – dressed head-to-toe in ACV, The Test, and Black Triangle Design, to name just a few – and really enjoying what they wear. Case in point is this set of images put together to show ACV’s new collection: titled Dark Matter, and themed ‘on the street’, it shows the staff models actually wearing the clothes, y’know, on the street. It’s a huge feature of Japanese fashion, and indeed fashion in Japan (often two different things), that it’s ultimately accessible. You see kids wearing Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuitton, Hiro and Runurunu, Liz Lisa and Tornado Mart – nothing is off-limits to anyone. The reality is that there’s very little elitism (compared with, say, Paris or New York), and good outfits will always be appreciated regardless of the fact if you’ve dropped hundreds of thousands of Yen or save every penny from your paycheck.

Talking of good outfits: ACV’s lastest offering is pretty ace by anyone’s standards. There’s four different looks, each with a distinct vibe to them, from sharp tailoring to bright printed patterns. Particular favourites include the tailored jacket with perfect details, and the amazing black and white geometric patterned shirt (it’s on the list!) paired with knee-length shorts with attached skirt pannel. I really like the ‘on the street’ concept: that’s how it’s going to be worn, so it makes sense to see it context. There’s a bit of a street snap feel to it too, which is an angle that’s explored by another designer (photos and report soon!), and it really highlights how influential street snaps as fashion photography have long been in Japan. Here’s to more from ACV soon, on the street and in my wardrobe…

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