Gyaru-O and 109-2 fashion favorite Vanquish hasn’t really put out anything this A/W 2010 season to get me all that excited. However I must say I was surprised to see that they have collaborated with Adidas Originals to produce a couple of items, not as some kind of limited run but as part of their permanent collection available in all Vanquish stores across Japan. While Western x Japanese collaborations are not that rare, it is in this case more the meeting of the two very disparate forces that is worthy of note. Adidas is of course a huge force in Japan, while Vanquish is more a niche subculture, Adidas is iconic old-school whereas Vanquish is stylish and trend led. So not the most obvious match, but they do work surprisingly well together:

The collaborative items boil down to a complete set of tracksuits, t-shirts and sweatshirts as well as trainers. The design is classic Adidas but the tailoring is cut slim by Vanquish. The palate is all black with a couple of shiny highlights including a smattering of studs that probably render the outfit useless in any kind of sports or training scenario! As a look I would struggle to describe it as OraOra or as psychedelic rave which this kind of track-suit usually aligns itself with – in this case it is more luxury street wear, albeit quite modest.

Personally this is not quite my cup of tea, a tracksuit generally ends up as room-wear in my style, but I do think that this is a successful collaboration that opens a completely different market up to Adidas as well as offering Vanquish the credibility of a high profile western collaboration. At the end of the day if this opens the Vanquish street style to a larger and potentially foreign audience I all for it. The purpose of this site is after all not to convince fans of Japanese Fashion that they are indeed interested in something exciting, credible and cool, but to open it up to as many people as possible.

It will be interesting to see how well this collaborative effort performs in Japan and whether we will see it in the January sales or not. But the fact that a major Western brand is working seriously with a 109-2 one is to me a sign that the Gyaru-O brands are ready for the mainstream and starting to be taken very seriously by the fashion world.


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