Eagle-eyed readers will remember our previous feature on fresh design talent Aguri Sagimori (take a peek here if you need another look), and now here’s a closer view of those gorgeous designs!

Maybe I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to clothing, but for me nothing beats actually touching something, feeling the fabric, seeing the detail and even inspecting the seams and stitches. I realise that I’m pretty fortunate to be able to do this person with all the Japanese fashions that I love, and in this age of the internet it’s easier than ever to get your hands on something from half-way around the world. It almost negates the need to actually go and see for yourself, which I do think is a real shame – I always urge people to come to Tokyo if they ever get the chance! It’s such a fantastic and vibrant city, and I find it fascinating to see how the clothing and people and shops and trends all interact and bounce off one another… It’s real food for thought, and it’s worth it just to catch a glimpse of a girl dressed in lolita fashion on a train speeding by, or a guy wearing head-to-toe Yohji Yamamoto smoking in the rain.

Dragging myself away from street fashionistas for just one moment now, we trooped over to Ebisu and went up in a slightly terrifying lift in what looked like a purely residential building. At the end of a corridor we came across Aguri Sagimori’s exhibition: a room that had been rendered beautiful not only by just how incongruous it felt in that building, but also the amount of work that had gone into preparing the room for the exhibition. Keep scrolling down…

Handmade cushions, notebooks and animals – so lovely.

Butterflies and gilt frames.

I love the splash of hot pink – so eye-catching!

More pink with a patent handbag – niiice.

Eee, you can’t go wrong with a collage.

Stunning mix of fabrics.

Still a huge fan of these look book shots!

Black lace – count me in.

Mori girls’ delight, right?

Probably my highlight: the black leather deer bag. I’m very tempted, and Christmas is coming up… ho ho ho!

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