Fresh from showing in Paris last month, Aguri Sagimori is back in town in time for Tokyo Fashion Week and you had better keep an eye on her Change Fashion blog if you want to see what she will be up to this collection week.  Hopefully we can look forward to some new hand-made designs, but before you ask for more, you had better check out what she wowed the Parisians with in her Spring / Summer collection – Animisic:

Prepare yourself for a bestial lookbook, a dash of beautiful asymmetry and some of the best feminine tailoring you are ever likely to stumble across.

This collection is a gothic step above of its predecessors, presenting a strong feminine vision that is a pleasant alternative to the endles frills that flood the Japanese mainstream.

By virtue of the bestial themes and shiny fabrics there is something of the fetishistic in this collection, but fundamentally it is first and foremost a beautiful one.

Her bags this season are of particular note, I am personally favoring this flowing waterfall effect to the leather on this one.

Well it would not be a summer collection without a hint of floral colours, but I am just drawn into the dark depths of that razor sharp tailored jacket / vest.

It seems that we are going to be treated to a lot of tassels this coming summer – whether Middle-Eastern or classical European I am definitely on board.

I thousand times over – yes.  I love how despite the strength of the tailoring, there is something soft and organic about those softly textured fabrics that brings this back from the sharper Dressedundressed and their ilk.

Now that we are into the proverbial meat of the collection you can see the tailored strength of Aguri Sagimori really starting to shine through.

But she is not adverse to putting out some slightly younger looks as well.

It has to be said that the model and styling on this shoot is fantastic, it just brings sets the scene for the collection with the ease a catwalk presentation would have, but never gets in the way of the clothes.

So there you go, are you tempted to join these woodland creatures next year, personally I feel I need approbation for not succumbing to even one horn based pun along the way (Lord knows I was tempted).

Aguri Sagimori is stocked in a good number of boutiques around the world including the fantastic Layers London, and you can see a full list of stockists and past collections on her site here.

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