Algonquins is a brand that I’ve been familiar with for a while – I remember all those issues of Kera magazine I poured over and obsessively read every day in the hope that some of the inherent coolness would rub off on me! Alas, alas…

Algonquins is part of the Harajuku neo-punk-kinda scene that crosses over & incorporates other elements – as with many Japanese youth street fashion brands, there’s gothic, traditional punk, VK, and a little bit of lolita in the mix too. There’s a predominant colour scheme of black, white, pink, purple and red that defines the look of the brand, as well as gothic prints, tartan/check, and a generous helping of frill on the more feminine items. There’s a great unisex feel to the vast majority though – Samuel and I would be quite happy to share some select clothing!

As mentioned before, I’m quite familiar with the kind of designs that Algonquins consistently puts out – when I was a younger teen I was a huge fan. However, with old age creeping up on and feeling the cold in my bones more than ever (melodramatic? me?), I couldn’t help but feel that my Japanese street punk days were over. Violins, please.

Imagine my delight when perusing the Algonquins website when I saw some cardigans that were a fab take on the drape/cowl-neck trend that’s been popping up this year everywhere from stylish salon-kei to uber-hip gyaru-o. I really love this trend, and I can’t wait to add a few drape items to my wardrobe – layers of different texture with generous helpings of chunky jewellery, yum!

I’ve also highlighted above some accessories from Algonquins – if you’re not comfortable with donning a full-on outfits (tartan hareem pants optional!), then adding a bag, emblem or even dangling a punk-inspired teddy bear about your person may be the way forward. Gotta love that weird vomiting cat-face bag thing.


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4 Responses to Algonquins

  1. trashtastika says:

    Hehe, I tried on the tartan harem pants when I was last year…but alas, they weren’t that flattering for my short frame and stumpy legs!

  2. trashtastika says:

    erm, last “there” a few months ago.

  3. tokyotelephone says:

    I think I like the idea of harem pants more than the actual product!
    There’s a huge trend for peg-leg trousers at the moment, but with the extra fabric around the hips… I don’t think I’ll be getting a pair 😉

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