You know you’re in for a real treat with Alice Auaa: the moment the themed invitation popped through our letterbox I started to get excited… Alice Auaa’s shows are always one of the highlights of Fashion Week for us, not only as the audience are equally as spectacular as the models on the catwalk (I can think of no other show where just watching the fans settle themselves down before the show is such a draw), but also as vampire-fanged designer Yasutaka Funakoshi really knows how to appeal our inner-goth.

 The theme for this season’s show was, as you can image, Alice in Wonderland. The title “Alice in Wonder Land in Me” hinted at something a little darker than the usual Lewis Carroll/fluffy rabbits imagery that lolita fashion brands love, and successfully managed to add a touch of fetish fantasy into the mix. Japan is no stranger to Alice and her pals, but emerging from the darkness of Fukankoshi’s imagination and on to the catwalk were truly original characters – I can’t help but wish Tim Burton had seen this show first! – some to delight, some to scare, and some to make us think. Add to this the slightly terrifying rabbit that had much more in common with Donnie Darko’s Frank than anything Tenniel drew, and you’ve got a fashion show like no other.

It must also be said that this was primarily an event for the brand’s fans – perhaps devotees is a more apt term – and was more an exercise in theatre than ‘real clothes’. Some key items will no doubt make it in to stores, but I do hope that the truly outrageous and gorgeous costumes will also hopefully find their place in the world of Alice Auaa.

Alice, the invader of Wonderland.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum – a touch of the Victorian medical/freakshow aesthetic here.

A truly mad hatter.

I just love the beautiful lingerie elements. I’m sure I’m not the only one itching to get my hands on this!

Lust, indeed.

One of the most amazing things I’ve seen on a catwalk. Ever.

“Table-chan” makes a reappearance.

The suitably domineering Red Queen.

Would you follow the rabbit?

Funakoshi said of this show (after he revealed himself as the rabbit!) that it was heavily inspired by his time London, his friends there and his exploration into the fetish, S&M and club scene. It’s clear from this collection, if it’s possible to even call this a collection in the same way as a more mainstream designer, that Alice Auaa has now become the one to lead us down the rabbit hole. I’ll see you there…

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  1. AnniLuch says:

    So sorry you’re all experiencing this. It’s not fun to watch either. My husband has seizures in his sleep, too. They’re complex partial with a grand mal…
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