We don’t cover truly gothic fashion here too often on Tokyo Telephone, but it is a large subculture in itself in Tokyo, and certainly one that’s also popular among the international audience. If you’re looking for high quality goth in Japan, you absolutely have to see Alice Auaa.

A rather surprising addition to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo runway schedule, Samuel and and I jumped at the chance to see Alice Auua’s fist ever Fashion Week catwalk show. There’s only so many tasteful and elegantly cut dresses that I can take before I want to scream, so Alice Auaa provided a much needed change of pace during Fashion Week – I was more than happy to sit down among the glittering gothic attendees, many of whom were dressed head-to-toe in the brand, and looked exceptional (I also spotted lolita-favourite Novala Takemoto surrounded by adoring fans – be still my lolita heart!).

The show started with a black and white film shown on the big screen: a man drives down winding country roads for some time, before stopping the car (licence plate: Kobe 666, of course) and walking into a forest glen. An old table is the only object present, and the man caresses it before turning his back to the camera and (I’m not joking) lowering his trousers and sitting down at the base of a tree. Then the parade of fantasy models begins:

Each model wore elaborate clothing and had her own personal soundtrack, adding the individual nature of the show. While the gothic styling might have a little much for members of the general public, as we’ll see in the look book photos at a later date the items are actually very wearable: long coats, wide belts and lace blouses were among my favourite items.

The presentation finished off with designer Yasutaka Funakoshi revealing himself as the man in the video, and taking a bow onstage with the models before cavorting around and chucking dried leaves everywhere to rapturous applause from a very happy audience. This was grown-up gothic at it’s very best: dark, beautiful, and not afraid to be a little tongue in cheek.

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