Alice Black are one of the handful of silver brands to have successfully crossed over into the fashion world and on to the bodies of some of Tokyo’s finest.  They join Justin Davis, Holloow, Puerto del Sol, Lone Ones and the ubiquitous Chrome Hearts as  the “it” brands to be worn, especially surprising as they are only on their second collection.  While most of the silver brands I talk about here on Tokyo Telephone are inherently cool and could be worn with anything fashionable, their fans tend to more of the down to earth biker variety than brand-aware fashionista.  Alice Black manages to cover both pretty well by all accounts and is one of the few to be stocked in such disparate forces as BerBerJin and Candy / Fake Tokyo.  This is definitely one brand that is going to stick around, because regardless as to whether these 70s – 80s London punk motifs just happen to be in vogue right now, they do belong to that handful of subjects to have been blessed with an iconic edge that will always be cool no-matter what the fashion world has to say on the matter.

Continue reading for my highlights from their current line-up and a peak at their Alice in Wonderland inspired A/W 2011-12 collection: God Save the Alice.

In terms of design this is classic UK punk with just the right amount of class to elevate it beyond the trash sold on Takeshita doori.  For the record the designer was born and raised in the UK before going to Japan so this is a subject very close to their heart.

This is Alice Black’s core ring which I have been seeing just about everywhere recently.  It is good to see a nod to The Great Frog’s work as one of London’s finest.

Really like this ring with the hanging zip detail

Keeping the Alice in Alice Black – one for the Lolita punks?

Really approve of this bangle – very Candy

Makes me proud to be British…

Good call on the dangling chains that just elevate this above the usual punk standard

Useful for those afraid of needles, but not sure if Vicious would approve!

That is the current collection, but you can look forward to something slightly different later this year.  The designer has chosen to emphasize the Alice in Wonderland side of the Alice including rabbits and roses which makes for a gothic take on the iconic character.

collection preview via Change Fashion

So there you have it, definitely silver that borders on the fashion jewelry but no worse for it.  I could see this worn by pretty much every sub-culture Japan has to offer right up to the beyond cool kids at Le Baron.  Question is, would you?

For further pieces you can check out the new online shop which is actually currently listing every single item as sold out, so you might have to wait for the buzz to die down before you grab yours…

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