Similarly to my posts on La Foret, I’d like to talk briefly about the department store 109.

The true fashion hub of Shibuya, 109 contains a huge number of different shops, with a vast array of stock. Whatever your taste in fashion, I can (almost) guarantee that you’ll fall in love with something. The 109 webshop gives a pretty good idea of what’s in stock at the moment, but bear in mind that this isn’t everything! As with La Foret, take some time out to properly appreciate and browse, 109 is worth your time and money.

My current picks from 109 include:

Valentine’s High – 5145yen. I love this summery skirt, the blue really makes the star print stand out. Pair with kitten heels and plenty of bows for a flirty look.

Gilfy – 5145yen. I could quite happily rant and rave about just how much I adore Gilfy, and I’m not the only one! Wildly popular, their signature style has quickly become iconic in gyaru fashion. I chose this t-shirt which shows off what Gilfy do best – monochrome, nonsensical text and great detail.

Keep you eye out for part two!


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