Or to give it its full name: Alter Venomv: 5th Bar – Wizard Rock Extreme (and all in capitals at that) but I am taking a stand on that last issue and leaving it in the lower case, because even by my standards that is already a pretty funky name for any collection.  However, just like the deadly serious Julius’ long titles that do actually sum up the collection at hand, the ridiculous name that Alter Venomv has gone with does fit the look surprisingly well.  The designer – Men’s Egg model Teramoto, makes no bones about wanting to be as far out there as humanly possible with his acid rock drenched brand, although I will say that the current season’s offerings are surprisingly accesible.

Continue reading for a closer look at Teramoto’s latest, all modelled by the man himself – this is quite literally a man making the clothes that he wants to wear, whether you do to too is another matter altogether.

Although I have to say that I could easily find myself wearing the above really quite easily.  I could easily go for that down coat above, especially at the 14000 yen mark you are not going to do better for a fast-fashion-forward-fix.

Styling wise this is not “mode” in the same way that Buffalo Bobs Noir is adult, fashionable and high-quality.  This is more like the styling over at Candy – ironically retrospective, deliberately incongruous, heavily structured  and above all – cool.

Another winner for me here, seems everyone is going for contrasting textured fabrics this early spring – approved!

Can’t go wrong with some heavy layering below the waist – nice.

And the customary flash of colour on black, glad to see this kind of silhouette and aesthetic moving out of the salons of Harajuku and into the mainstream.

Followers of Teramoto will notice his heavy hair extensions, but also the natural black colour and lack of volume.  I very much approve the move away from the Onii-Kei standard.

Good call on the broad print here, seems hand-painted looking prints are also here to stay and coincidently right up my alley too.

Good take on the devilishly difficult to pull-off white jeans.

And this is Teramoto’s old hair style, I gotta say I prefer the new look which is still edgy though all the more credible.

And again with the structured contrasting textures, I have to say that I did not expect to like this brand as much as I do now.  So great to see this kind of fashion easing its way into the Shibuya mainstream, good to see so much variety if anything.

Very clean distressing seems to be in over the random damage we have been accustomed to over the last couple of years on the streets of Tokyo.

Structured drapes have always and will always have my vote – sold!

And Teramoto’s old look, I miss the red and the tache, but I absolutely approve of the new mature look.

All in all, I am impressed that someone is doing this kind of stuff at an affordable entry level price point, although indubitably the brand is helped largely by the charisma machine behind it.  But I am mostly just happy that Shibuya street style and the Men’s Egg style in particular is undergoing such a shift and a credible one at that – who would have thought it.

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