Continuing on from our coverage of the amnesiA and paramnesiA Fashion Show by Go South that we started yesterday with the fashion (here if you missed it), today we are going to have a look at the show, because this couldn’t be further from the shows of Tokyo Fashion Week.  Having said that, it should be noted that these kind of sub-cultural fashion shows in Japan do tend to have a couple of things in common, firstly that they are for the fans of the brand with only very limited spaces for press and almost no buyers, and secondly that their primary function is to entertain and provide some context for the fashion, as at the end of the day this kind of fashion is necessarily linked to the culture that created it and not just about the clothes.  In the past we have been to comedy shows led by Tarzan Kick and even strip shows put on by h.Naoto, in short these are fun first, and fashion second.

The show this time was a drama piece led by the cat and jackalope above, there was a narrative about memory that is probably only worth recounting if you were actually there, and even then, well… I spoke to a friend of the site, the designer of LegioMade afterwards and he was a little in the dark too.

Anyway, the acting and staging was gripping, not least because I ended up tied to my site by one the actresses during one sequence…

The costumes were by the Go South team as well and a good showcase for their ramshackle fashion.

The arrival of the models heralded the beating down of our poor jackalope and the start of the fashion show proper:

The show culminated in a bit more drama with walls crashing down, trees being planted, but I guess you have to be there to get it, but if you are based in Japan then the way to get invites to this kind of thing is quite simply to be involved with the brands in question as that is who these shows are for – the fans.

A well deserved and slightly surreal bow for the team led by Daisuke Ichikawa (center).

If you want to see more then the design guild homepage is here.

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