At Tokyo Telephone we may always be advocating a considered and credible view of Japanese fashion, but sometimes we do find ourselves at shows that at face value do conform to certain stereotypes that people may have, and this show that started with a dancing cat and jackalope may well fall into that category.  However, it really must be said that firstly this is fairly niche stuff, but also that these kind of presentations are meant to be a fun way of presenting the clothes and the culture behind them and are not to thought of as a direct contemporary to the seriousness of Tokyo Fashion Week.  We love going to these kind of sub-cultural fashion shows and have made the decision to feature them a little bit more prominently on the site, with the disclaimer that they may not necessarily be representative, but they are without a doubt a whole lot of fun.

This show came courtesy of Go South, the brains behind Acryl Bones, the Harajuku boutique we introduced last week and the concept was to present a new version of lolita fashion with a focus on damaged fabrics to create the frills rather than the conventional lacing.  The overall effect was of battle-scarred yet feminine girls, a middle-ground between goth, lolita and mori with plenty of worn fabrics from the latter, allusions to the lolita fashion silhouette and a darkness that was quite hard to put your finger on.

The show began with a performance between the aforementioned cat and jackalope that we are going to go into more detail on tomorrow (trust me, it will be worth the wait), before ending in an unconventional fashion show in a burst of creativity that really sums up why Japan does this kind of sub-culture fashion better than anyone else.  I would draw similarities between the Alice Auaa show at  Tokyo Fashion Week as regards the showmanship of the presentation, and it occurs that more than any other kind of fashion shows it really is necessary to establish the context that adds the cultural depth to the fashion with these brands.

With that said, enjoy the show:

A touch on the creepy side, but a stunning showpiece none the less.

Personally I loved the fur, brass and leather detailing throughout, it elevated the quality way above what you might have been expecting from the more mainstream end of Japanese gothic fashion.

We will have more from this show tomorrow, but if you want to see more from the minds behind it then you can go to the Go South Design Gild headquarters here where you can also see stockists of the brands featured in the show.

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3 Responses to amnesiA and paramnesiA Fashion Show by Go South – Part 1

  1. Leanne says:

    LOVE this!! It seems quite post-apocalyptic to me. Mad Max meets Alice in Wonderland/Brothers Grimm. My only gripe is that some of the footwear is rather pedestrian (pun intended!)

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Leanne

    Glad you liked it, I thought you might. I hear you on the footwear though, it is often the downfall of many a designer who doesn’t have their own line. Often with small brands they end up just getting the models to bring their own, or else using that of a rival brand!

  3. […] 4th iteration most recently took place in Asakusa last week (You can see the 3rd show in the series here).  It was a show that marked the renewal of the Acryl Bones space in Harajuku and as such was a […]

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