The world of Go South is one located right in the heart of the Tokyo gothic fashion sub-culture, far beyond the visible end that you might see in LaForet or OIOI from the likes of Black Peace Now and h.Naoto or on the catwalks of Tokyo Fashion Week from Alice Auaa.  Nevertheless it is a brand quite rightly popular with many  musicians (and not just the usual V-kei suspects), and enjoys a strong audience with those who want a bit more underground authenticity with their fashion.  The designer actually spent 9 years at the helm of menswear at h.Naoto and was the one responsible for some of most memorable Tokyo Collection shows from 2007, but since then he has founded his own group of brands centered around Acryl Bones in Harajuku.

In terms of presentation, Go South sticks to fan-only runway presentations in collaboration with Yaso in an ongoing storyline dubbed “amnesiA and paramnesiA”, whose 4th iteration most recently took place in Asakusa last week (You can see the 3rd show in the series here).  It was a show that marked the renewal of the Acryl Bones space in Harajuku and as such was a rather flamboyant affair – especially at the after-party.  It also was indicative of a redirection towards a more foppish Victorian vibe than the brand’s punk origins, but the prog rock (featuring my beloved Mott the Hoople) soundtrack also brought with it a whole lot of glam and it will be interesting to see how that pans out.

This was a performance, rather than a pure fashion show, including acted segments, readings and segments in candlelight.  For that reason I didn’t want to be intrusive with my camera, but instead just give you a taste of the night, something that was easier said than done with the low-lighting and packed to the rafters space.

The storied Victoriana look is one I can always get behind, and it is nice to see someone doing it without it looking too young.

From the acted segments…

The later glam rock meets dandy segment…

Personally I enjoyed the show in person, and I would advise you check out the Acryl Bones shop in Harajuku this weekend, before it closes for later reincarnation, to get a taste of the clothes themselves as my photos don’t quite do them justice.

I will have to leave you to imagine the end of the show for yourself as the lights dimmed and I didn’t want to disturb the performance…

If you want to be part of this Tokyo gothic world then you can head to the Parabolica-Biz gallery in Asakusa where they always have exhibitions (as above), but also a shop filled with alternative art and jewelry, not to mention the flyers for these kind of upcoming events.

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