My very first forays into the world of fashion came at a very young age – I seem to remember a particular pair of tiny Dr Martens that I used to wear with black ski pants (back in fashion?) and brightly coloured t-shirts. From my penchant for loud t-shirts (obviously I was totally rocking this season’s colour blocking 20 years ago…) came the inevitable 360 teenage goth rebellion – I think I’m still waiting to fully outgrow that one! – and subsequent adventures in Japanese fashion. Of course, I can’t help wondering what sartorial choices I would have made had I gown up in Japan…

It seems that Kids These Days have it pretty lucky, if you ask me! A dedicated teenage fashion shop? Affordable fast fashion? Ha. I wish Ank Rouge had been around; targeted towards the younger end of the gyaru market, and producing on-trend items, Ank Rouge is fast becoming the ‘tween’ go-to for the latest styles. Directed (whatever that entails…) by Rie Matsuoka, and produced by Japan Imagination who also own trendy behemoth brand Cecil McBee, Ank Rouge aims to capture the feeling of a young girl taking her first steps into the world of adult fashion – ‘sexy neo-vintage’ for ‘romantic gyaru’ fans.

Read on for more fashion, and one facial expression…

Sheer fabrics and embroidery, plus the peter pan collar & neck-tie update the retro look for this summer.

Rie’s pigtails look so very cute with the puff-sleeved blouse!

A very sweet look – love the high-waisted shorts!

The gyaru silhouette of the title – the voluminous top was seen last winter with the poncho/cape trend & furry legwarmers, and has been updated with sheer polka dot fabric for the up-coming season’s retro trend. Mode gyaru also favours the over-size top-half, often seen with tight trousers or bandage skirts and high heels.

A touch Liz Lisa, no?

I’m pretty sure the white shirt & denim shorts look will be phenomenally popular when the weather heats up – add some 70s boho chic with the feather details and flower child headband.

Yee-haw! Gingham and cowboys strike again. (Probably a no-go if you’re over 16 years old.)

A more mature look with trench coat (also a spring season favourite of brands) and navy blue accents.

A couple of items from the webstore – floral/polka dot mix and puffy pumpkin shorts.

From the Ank Rouge school line – very personal, but I simply cannot stand school uniforms! I was forced to wear a uniform with a blazer and scratchy wool jumper, and because it was back in the dark ages, us girls weren’t allowed to wear trousers even in minus temperatures. It’s probably why I’m not really a skirt person even now. The Ank Rouge uniform is very kawaii though, I do have to admit that!

Although I’m more than a decade older than the Ank Rouge target market, there’s still a lot to like here. I wasn’t a huge fan of the winter collection (Cecil McBee did it better!), but this is a pretty solid collection in comparison – plenty of trends dissected, and sweet retro feel that would suit many.

I also think this a great style for lolita fans wishing to branch out a little: peter pan collars and straw bags would coordinate well with a pre-existing lolita wardrobe – swap a full skirt for bloomer-like pumpkin shorts and you’re good to go!

See more from Ank Rouge at their homepage


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10 Responses to Ank Rouge & The Gyaru Silhouette

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  2. Tori says:

    I like almost all of these looks except for the gingham + cowboy hat one… I wish the Western trend would just die, seriously XD

  3. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I don’t mind a bit of fringing, but yeah – I don’t think may people could pull off that look! 😉


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  5. Hana says:

    Haha loved your cowboy comment (and this post in general)! I linked this on my weekly wrapup & I will be emailing you soon (sorry life sidetracked me).

    Thanks again for your help before!

    Hana @ Finding Tokyo

  6. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Ha, thank you! I really appreciate it 🙂 Remind me to give you a shout out next time I’m doing a news post!

    Not to worry, things are pretty hectic here at Tokyo Telephone too 😉


  7. Mirai says:

    Thanks for posting this~ I just feel like buying everything if I could; but money is a problem. Ank rouge’s designs are always so cuuuute. ;__;

    Sometimes its strange how Japanese girls seem to pull everything off and when I buy the same thing, I look ridiculous with them. *laughs*

  8. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Thank you for reading, haha…
    For the gyaru on a budget, my advice is to have a clear idea of your style so you don’t end up buying something you never wear!

    I just had a look at your blog (really great!), and I think you’d look fab in everything! 🙂 It’s all about confidence!


  9. Gwendolin says:

    Hello , Can I know all the Shirts have sell ? =)

  10. Rebecca says:

    @ Gwendolin – We don’t sell anything, but if we can help you out please let us know!

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