Very exciting news! Yesterday afternoon, Samuel & I booked our flights to Japan! Tokyo Telephone will be in Japan from 18th May to 1st June, mostly in Tokyo, but probably heading down to Osaka for the weekend of the 22nd – if you’d like to meet up and go for a drink with us, let us know!

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On a slightly related note, I thought I’d take this opportunity to outline a few very general tips:

  • Flying indirect will always be cheaper – this is great if you don’t mind a stop-over somewhere & adding seven hours to your journey! Personally, I’d rather go direct… (I’m not sure how relevant this point is for non-UK flyers!)
  • Japan is only as expensive as you want it to be – as with any major city, you have the choice to live the high life or stick to a budget.
  • Convenience stores (conbini) are just amazing – at one point I lived next door to a Family Mart; it was great having everything so close, but I think I put on a stone in weight due to daily melon-pan and fanta grape.
  • 100yen shops are your best friend – need a spoon? 100yen! Overdone it on the shopping? Stock up on 100yen thick envelopes & tape and post it all back!

And now to the most important issue: what am I going to pack?! When it comes to Japan, I try to travel as light as possible, as I know I’ll be stocking up on everything from hilarious t-shirts to tiny rhinestone gems. In my suitcase will be:

  • Shoes x 3: cowboy boots, court shoes, and a pair of flats
  • Skirts x 2: one dressy, one casual
  • Shorts x 2: one pair dressy, one casual
  • Tops x 2: one dressy, one casual
  • Dresses x 2: one dressy, one casual (you get the idea!)
  • Leggings & tights
  • Plenty of underwear
  • Make-up & toiletries

The best tip of all for packing is to make sure everything can be worn with everything else! Always pack your tried & tested outfits – just because it’s Japan doesn’t mean you have to either look like you just stepped out of a hiking magazine or a spaceship!

Do you have any tips for us to add? Anything you’d like us to cover while we’re away?


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