Having seen the catwalk presentation from Anrealage it is time to move on to the exhibition so that we can see how Kunihiko Morinaga’s vision of clothes stripped to their very bones translates itself into a collection that is wearable as it is innovative.  Personally, it is that rare ability Anrealage has to fill your daily life with catwalk magic that I admire above all else, I have often sat in on far too many otherwise enjoyable shows (graduate shows being the worst offenders), where the concept stops at the styling, or if you are lucky, the showpieces.  With Anrealage, the high-concept is intrinsically linked to the final outcome and it is that which always makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop come the showroom:

It is worth mentioning that the showpieces from the catwalk were present and on sale in the exhibition – they are significantly sturdier than you might expect with a real minimum of seams.

On to the pieces that bridge the “real clothes” with the catwalk work and you have fantastic leather jackets as above.  Just look at the variety of geometric structural shapes in the cut outs, and also the all original hardware that Anrealage has created in-house.

A real virtue of this collection is that it gives you the chance to wear some of your winter wardrobe staples in spring/summer.  Even with the lining on the above, it still felt light and graceful.

The concept extends right down to the street ready denim, the bones in this case translating to work-intensive paneling.

The high concept bone shell layers have also been simplified for retail, these simple designs can be slipped on over anything to make the most mundane outfit magnificent – and are surprisingly cheap to boot.

At the other end of the spectrum you have remarkable tailoring out of Anrealage’s own patchwork workshop.  The patchwork is created first and then used as a regular textile in the pattern process, making for a quality of finish you are not likely to find anywhere else.

On to the accessories and you have plenty of easy to implement items, including cutout pearls on necklaces and rings,

And a cheeky skull ring – all in 925 silver.

The shoes are a return to form, the cutout heels looking particularly strong when paired with the scaffolding socks below:

The patchwork turns up once again in Converse trainers.

The bags are actually the one area of the collection I wasn’t sure of, but then again the holes are small enough that nothing is likely to get lost – sorry to be so dull and practical.

I really could talk about each item in its own right, for now just enjoy the selection:

On to some of the finer details:

Look how even the pin of the buckle is a frame.

And one final look at Anrealage’s patchwork:

If you have enjoyed that, then head on over to Parco Part 1 museum while the Anrealage retrospective is still on, or failing that the official homepage is a great archive for you to dip into.

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One Response to Anrealage – SS 2013 Collection – Bone – The Showroom

  1. Andrew says:

    Wow, I can see why you went for such an in-depth look at this collection–there is just so much here. So cool that such a simple concept has been taken to such lengths and interpreted in so many ways, all in one collection. The shells as harnesses I think is particularly innovative and cool, as is all the custom-made hardware all over the place.

    I really love the shoes as well, and it couldn’t help remind me of some 3d printed shoes I saw a little while back (see here), from a US-based brand called Continuum. That, and seeing this concept for a collection done so well here, just makes me wonder about the possibilities of mixing 3d printing and fashion.

    Thanks as always for the great shots and writeup!

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