…Well, okay, maybe attack is a bit of a strong word. How about invade? Conquer? Verb-choice aside, Samuel and I popped along to the Kitakore building’s exhibition space last week – oh, the joys of living less than ten minutes walk from one of our favourite places in Tokyo – and had a great time ogling artwork and chatting away in a mixture of Japanese and English with people who love Japanese fashion and art and all things creative. Wonderful.

We made our way up some suitably rickety stairs to a new space in the maze that is Kitakore to where King‘s exhibition was holding court. I must confess that I don’t really know a lot about art, but I do know what I like… and I do like King! Glitter and stones and skulls and mirrors: how could we say no? I think Samuel’s favourite was the skull bike, but mine has to be either the mirrored pyramid above, or the gigantic dragonfly-esque sculpture. Keep scrolling down to see our picks from the exhibition:

Luckily the whole of the building was open, and on our jaunt around we happened to bump into Banzai, creator of the amazing dress, bags and huge hand below. We’re huge fans here at Telephone Towers, so it was a fantastic opportunity to actually meet one of the designers that really inspires us and sums up everything we love about Japan and Tokyo.

Also exhibiting at Candy as well as Kitakore is Rein Vollenga; he of the Mugler headpieces and the maggot-baby sculpture below. Maggot-babies aside, I think it’s fantastic that Rein himself has come to Tokyo and that there’s not one but two spaces for him to show his work!

As I’m sure you can tell, we’re ardent supporters of all that Kitakore produces and embodies. I think it’s really interesting that there seems to be more cross-over between fashion and art in Tokyo now than ever before. Even though the height of popularity of wearable art by Issey Miyake and Comme des Garcons has faded, in their place has come creative spaces like Kitakore and the Harajuku boutique Cannabis which also now has an exhibition area for international artists. I think it’s high time that the long-held connection between fashion and art (or fashion-as-art or art-as-fashion) is celebrated in Tokyo – afterall, it’s probably one of the most actively creative cities in the world…

See more from the featured artists:

Rein Vollenga



& stay tuned for more from Kitakore!

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4 Responses to Artists Attack The Kitakore Building!!!!

  1. Sami says:

    Thanks for sharing this, so much love for so many things in this post! :O
    If only the bike was practical, its simply stunning

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Sami – I’m so glad you liked it!

    Haha, the bike is amazing but so impossible to actually ride 😉

  3. I love everything about KITAKORE…That’s why Tokyo is so inspiring to me, the mixture of fashion and art, and self expression through fashion and style.

    And in relation to the bike, I talked to the lady behind KING! and she told me that it was actually used in a fashion show a few seasons ago for the label “MILKBOY.” The detail was beautiful and AMAZING!

    I think Yoruko Banzai is still one of my favorites though, I love the brains, and that hand has gone EVERYWHERE! Haha

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