This made me chuckle when I saw it a couple of days ago when I literally stumbled upon it – apparently Harajuku silver jewelry purveyor Artemic Classis has teamed up with the merchandisers behind the latest Harry Potter film (Deathly Hallows Part 1) to produce some tie-in items.  What made me smile is that these are actually pretty damn good – as you would expect from Artemis Classic, and you might just be able to get away with them in a credible outfit.  Although the center-piece of the mini-collection is an actual size wand that I doubt should ever be displayed in public – a 1/1 solid sterling silver version of Harry’s from the film.

Continue reading for the wearable pieces for the serious Harry Potter fan and a close look at the gorgeous wand.

Now, when you look at some of the jewelry you might not instantly recognise them as being from Harry Potter, which is, as I have always maintained, is the way to go with these jewelry collaborations.  A good example of this in action is the Square Enix jewelry produced for their games and especially Final Fantasy.  There is something to be said for a very literal depiction of a pop-culture commodity as JAP-inc do obscenely well, but by and large jewelry should be worn and if you are going to feel embarrassed or self-conscious wearing it, you are probably not going to get your moneys worth.

The Hogwarts crest – I would definitely be in Slytherin I reckon (Rebecca would have to be Hufflepuff!).

Another angle.  As you can see this is actually very well done and sensitively polished.  Very glad to see the subject getting the attention it deserves.

The Gryffindor lion – again not instantly recognisable as from the films and pretty cool on its own by all accounts.  I think this would look great as a key-ring or something subtle like that.

And now, the main event!  There are 7 of these beauties in the world, they are full size copies of Harry’s in the film and numbered.  Mmm, a very nice collectable indeed, not sure when you would use it beyond as an ornament, but for the ultimate Harry Potter fan this has got to be as good as it gets.  The price, a mere 777,777 yen – so maybe one for the hardcore only, at least the pendants are very reasonable.

Very nice indeed, excellent silver work all round!  Though it does beg the question of whether this should really be made of horn or wood as I can’t help but feel that that would be a more “accurate” medium.  However, I am more of a fan of silverwork than Harry Potter so this kind of accuracy is not going to bother me.

Artemis Classic has also been nice enough to make a cheaper (still 42000 yen) version in brass.  I am sure that would still have the satisfying weight akin to silver and capture the detail nicely – although no-matter how it is treated it will need polishing fairly frequently.  Still, if you are not handling it that much, (apart from casting spells in the comfort of your own home) it would look pretty damn cool as an ornament.

Ah well, I am just glad that this project got done at all and it is all the better that it has been done so well.  Artemis Classic has done well to reposition themselves from cult favorite to mainstream pop-culture big-seller – apparently there has been a change of designer and management – which has left Artemis with a ton of press coverage, a new PR presence and the opportunity to take on high profile projects like this.  I should really do a close-up on the kind of work that Artemic Classic usually puts out, but if you can’t wait till then you can check out their homepage.

Hope you enjoyed this little look at this project, I think it has been handled really well – hopefully I will be able to say the same of the last film when that comes out later this year, but I am not sure that anything good can be done with THAT epilogue…

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