Arundel isn’t too far from where I grew up – no, not Kichijoji, but a small historical town in Sussex. It’s all a bit twiddly twee, but I do love a good poke around the antique shops and the castle & cathedral are lovely. Forgive my nostalgia, but it’s always tickled me pink that a shop in fashionable Tokyo would name itself after Arundel; home of all the elderly people in the UK – I could also tell many stories from my sartorial youth about how as a somewhat fashion-forward teen my pink hair did not go down well…

Dragging myself back to the subject at hand – Arundel, located in both Tokyo and Osaka is a wonderful little zakka (miscellaneous is the best semi-translation I can come up with here!) shop that specialises in all things Alice and romantically cute. Mori girls, lolitas and dolly-kei fans: it’s definitely worth a visit!

Outside Arundel in Kichijoji, Tokyo

Beautiful floral jewellery from Malica – red has been a real trend this winter

Antique keys as loved by vintage fans, and retro cards too

Rabbits by Rosy Moon – the Mad Hatter is so cute!

Love the butterfly and cat jewellery above & below from OVCE! That cat’s face…

If you’re interested in the town of Arundel in the UK, here’s a special from Madame Figaro magazine:

See more from Arundel at the homepage


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9 Responses to Arundel and Alice

  1. Katie says:

    Arundel was favourite old haunt of mine too, especially for the antiques (though the biggest one on the high street has shut down, sadly). And I beg to niggle, but I believe most of the South’s elderly reside in my second-home town, Chichester. The only coloured hair you’ll see in Itchenor is blue rinse lol.

    Belinda’s tea shop! I adore that place, especially the buttery scones piled in clotted cream and strawberry jam, with a nice hot cup of tea. Those Japanese shops have really captured the vibe – of course they’d love all that twee Englishness 🙂

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Katie Muffett and R & S. R & S said: Arundel and Alice […]

  3. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Hello Katie, thanks for the lovely comment! (Fab blog too by the way… just added you on twitter so I can keep up date)

    Oh good lord! I actually went to school in Chichester, and I think it was my despair at the inherent dullness of that city that made me run away to Japan as soon as I could! I must make it over to Arundel again one day, and I’ll be sure to visit Belinda’s when I do 🙂

    Oddly enough, it’s more Paris/anything French that’s hugely popular in Japan, so much so that when they do manage to see it, Paris syndrome ( is a real problem! Of course, the reverse is true for some tourists in Japan…

    Thanks again for getting in touch! 🙂

  4. brad-t says:

    Oh wow, my girlfriend would love the butterfly necklaces. Wonder if I can proxy one. LOL

  5. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I’ve seen quite a few similar butterfly necklaces around, but none as nice as these!
    I’m sure she’d love them! I’m holding out for a grumpy cat face 😉


  6. Katie says:

    You went to school in Chi! My husband went to Bishop Luffa, and I took a year at the college (I’m from America). While it’s a very cute place to visit and the theatre is great, I started going stir crazy with only 4 streets to wander around ^^

    I’ll stop hogging your comments section, but great to see someone from the area has made it out to fair Japan. Great site too!

    PS – I got Paris syndrome too, and I didn’t even idealize it all that much lol

  7. Tokyo Telephone says:

    No no, hog away – I love it when readers get in touch 🙂

    Wow! I was at the girls’ school (late 90s, early 2000s), and did a year the college too! Haha, what a small world!

    If you’re considering a trip over to Japan and would like some advice on flights/hotels/things to do, then feel free to get in touch!


  8. Julian says:

    WOW….I had no idea you guys were from Blighty!
    Small world, we’re based out near Battle in Sussex. Hoping to get over to Japan next year sometime.
    Cheers guys, great Blog, keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Samuel says:

    @ Julian

    It gets better, seeing as we actually used to live in Brighton! Very small world indeed.
    Keep up the good work your end and let me know when you are in Tokyo.


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