Atelier Kasuh is a real oddity of the Japanese silver scene.  Whereas most silversmiths who specialise in traditional Japanese motifs pitch their work down the rough right-wing side of things, Atelier Kasuh (In Japanese Kasuu Koubou or かすう工房) is a welcoming ambassador of Japanese culture with collections filled with tradition and oddities of aesthetics that could only be Japanese.

There are a couple of sub-brands within Atelier Kasuh and a good number of stockists and concession stands, but that which exemplifies the traditionalism of the core brand is this cute little flagship in Harajuku.

 The shop is traditional, but rather than holing up in the closed door workshops that typify Kyoto, this is an open and friendly place and the jewelry itself isn’t even hidden behind glass.  The shop staff invite you to have a look in your own time (no hard sell) and even the prices are inviting to boot (and naturally all silver 925).  Why am I going on about the atmosphere?  Well it matters when you are buying into jewelry, and you can guarantee that when anyone talks about the shop they will always comment on what a nice place it is to visit.

Anyway, you will trip over the place the moment you explore Harajuku so you are bound to spend some time their eventually, but what about the silver?

A cute little Kirin that reminds me of the Netsuke that is eyeing me from across my desk…

Check out that really nice Japanese engraving on the right side of the ring – at 7770 yen that is not bad at all.

I know for a fact that Rebecca has been eyeing up this bat ring for quite some time…  I like the chemical finish that gives the bat that nice hint of green in the patina – approved!

I love this Iroha Poem themed ring – possibly the most Japanese motif going!

And you can’t have a jewelry post from me without at least one skull ring and this one’s a corker.  Currently on order for 12600 yen and yes, that is pink silver.

I am also glad to say that Chrome Hearts don’t hold the monopoly on sterling silver detailed sunglasses anymore.  These come in plenty of designs and are made of satisfyingly sturdy Japanese acrylic (not unlike Chrome Hearts) and are a real steal at 4830 yen.

Traditional Japanese tools – very cool indeed and definitely an underused motif.

Skulls in a pod – like a goth Mameshiba.

The tale of the tortoise and the hare have a place in Japanese folk-lore as well.  Very cute indeed.

Now this is more my style

Japanese gun in brass, and also available in copper.

There are definitely not enough bees in jewelry, and this one is just great.  I should also add that the first time I saw a Japanese bee in the hills in Kansai I was truly terrified to discover they were at least 4 times the size of good old English bees!

A nice Ainu design – more Ainu style here in an embarrassingly dated article.

Well there you go, great jewelry at a great price.  You can see more and buy online here and I will have to dig up pictures of their Mazinger Z collaboration for the tumblr soon.  Let me know what you think and I will be back with some more silver very soon.

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8 Responses to Atelier Kasuh – Traditional Japanese Silver Jewelry

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh! I went to their store in Kawasaki! Did I remember to mention that to you guys? I told them I had friends who really love kickass handcrafted silver jewelry and who had a blog, lol. I really meant to go back and buy some of their exquisite stuff before I left, but regretfully I found the shop on July 15th and left Japan July 30th, so it was just not to be. 🙁

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Sarah,

    No you never mentioned it! Never mind, but thanks for thinking of me and don’t worry the jewelry will always be waiting for you when you want it 🙂

  3. noshi says:

    It’s all so gorgeous! as a ring freak I just got to have these in my collection! 😮
    ..I suppose they wouldn’t take overseas orders? :/

  4. Samuel says:

    @ noshi

    Glad you approve! You can always go through a shipping service, but to be honest there is a lot to be said for just giving them an email and seeing if they will help you out. I get emails about buying silver from Japan all the time and most of them get a positive reaction when they just get in touch with the brand in question. Go for it!


  5. Brian Ferrand says:

    Hello, Do you have an email address for Atelier Kasuh? I would love to order a ring from him. Thank you. Brian

  6. Samuel says:

    @ Brian

    You can use their contact form here:

    If you can’t negotiate the Japanese then send me an email and we can work something out.


  7. Yakob says:

    Hye Samuel..i really like the rings there…if any chance..u could make it work or send it here in Malaysia..ill pay from here 🙂

  8. Angie says:

    I bought the Kasuh Sakura pendant and chain in October 2001 at the Narita Airport before returning to USA and later my tomodachi Matt and Nancy (Yoko) sent me the matching Sakura bracelet. 18 years later I still find the pieces as beautiful as I did then. Maybe Kasuh can start an Etsy site to sell their pieces to the world? Angie- san

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