Baby Shoop… where do I begin? Standing out in Shibuya 109 amongst fellow 4th floor brands agejo Ma*rs and mode Emoda, the Baby Shoop look is certainly distinctive: bright colours, gold jewellery and eye-catching prints make a change from Nordic prints, faux-fur and plaid. B-gyaru style may not be in favour right now (sorry, Woofin’ Girl magazine!), but try telling that to the Baby Shoop devotees.

I think I do have to mention the slightly contentious issues surrounding Baby Shoop – hard to miss when a chunk of the stock is emblazoned with slogans like ‘Black is Beautiful! Black for Life!’ – but I’m not judging. Much has already been said about the Japanese so-called cultural misappropriation of black America, but whatever your views on this, let’s just enjoy the clothes for what they are: fun fashion.

When taking the items of clothing completely out of the b-gyaru context, I feel that they have a certain similarity to Galaxxxy‘s own colourful patterned look. What’s really interesting here is that you could say that it’s completely down to the styling: while Galaxxxy go for over-sized accessories and candy coloured hair, Baby Shoop pair items with ripped leggings and hot-pants for a completely different look. What do you think of Baby Shoop and their b-gyaru image? Do you think it’s less relevant in contemporary Japanese fashion than Galaxxxy?

Love the Saved by the Bell feel here. It’s not just me that associates the whole of the 90s with one kids’ show, right? Right??

You won’t get far in the army camouflaged like that!

The above two items are something I’d also expect from Galaxxy or Spank!, or maybe even a Candy brand…

I’d love the gold set up – perfect for blinging it up while relaxing at home

Neon chain print leggings? Yes please, actually

Shop staff doing a great job of showing how wearable the style actually is. Love the ripped black leggings too!

That’s right – Baby Shoop kids wear!

Kids in Baby Shoop at a dance competition:

Two-tone hair and purple leggings – amazing.

Miss Mini Shoop: fun and fierce!

See more from Baby Shoop at the homepage


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5 Responses to Baby Shoop! Shoop it, Baby!

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  2. shay says:

    why did you have to say you noticed the black is beautiful qoutes on the clothes and then say something about japans misapropriations of black america? i think they have it right. a lot of black ppl myself included do feel that black is beautiful and some of us still say it loud and proud through clothing, hairstyles, or just verbally. you didn’t need to point that out anyway i like shoop clothes

  3. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Thanks for your comment, Shay!

    Sorry if there was any confusion – of course I heartily agree with positive black statements! I just thought I would mention it as I can see that some people (academics & sociologists mostly) find it interesting that a different race would take on a statement like that which is normally associated predominately with the black community.


  4. shay says:

    oh ok i understand

  5. yoooo who is the asain gurl modeling in the photo. i think her name is hina, i saw her in a documentary just now on you tube it was called black lifestyle in japan yooo she is fine if you come across her tell her to add me on face book, or look me up devin teddybear robinson my location is norristown , pa or where i can be reached , or for skype and ovoo teddybear1288 i’m comin to japan soon

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