Lolita fashionistas, I do hope you forgive me for re-appropriating Baby’s brand name. (Actually, why am I asking for forgiveness? It’s not the first or last time!). I thought I’d take a brief look at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright today and focus on a couple of designs that have caught my eye. Baby’s sister brand, Alice and the Pirates, has just come out with a lovely new print but that deserves a post all of it’s own!

Anyway, dragging myself back to the subject – Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is most definitely a lolita heavyweight brand, beloved by many. I have some very fond memories of dribbling over dresses as a teenager that would today be considered monstrous! Although Baby’s star may be shining a little less brightly due to the frankly meteoric rise of Angelic Pretty, it now occupies a place alongside Metamorphose as a jewel in the lolita crown (and we all loved Meta’s pvc dresses, didn’t we? Well, I did.)

Unico (not, not unicorn!) in Bloomland is a recent and popular print from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright – stating the obvious. I don’t think it’s the fist time that Baby have used unicorns, and it’s proved popular before too. Maybe there’s something about dressing in lolita fashion that makes one more predisposed to a love of the fairytale life? Yonks ago, I fell in love with Baby’s take on fairy and folk tales, and while the old designs featured embroidery on plain colours, Unico is anything but simple! Blonde-haired unicorns, flowers, fountains and chairs;  this is a pretty busy print that certainly in the paler white and pink options, if you squinted your eyes and looked sideways, could be from Angelic Pretty. However, not all all pastel prints and lolita dresses are created equal – I’m just head-over-heels for Baby’s stunning signature details…

Two versions of the jumperskirt – which do you prefer?

The different laces on the shoulder straps, the jewel at the end of the pearl chain, the blue rose – I just love it. This is what makes lolita fashion special.

I think I’d have to go for the blue – maybe the black would look a little less jarring if the print was in lilac rather than pink? Nonetheless, a huge round of applause, please.

On to another slightly different print that also make me sit up and take notice, Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale.

Yes, I’ve gone for another border print here, but in my defence they are all the rage, and this is classy. Combining my love of food and architecture, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright have created a chocolatey world with some slightly Germanic houses and all kind of wonderful things just falling from the sky. It’s at this point that I have to draw your attention to the similarities between this and Homer’s chocolate dream land in The Simpsons. Of course the Baby designers watch the Simpsons

Again, two jumperskirt types to choose from. I really like both the pink and cream – not something I was banking on!

More stunning details, a great print, and a shape that epitomises the lolita silhouette. Fabulous.

A little peek into the wonderful world of lolita fashion from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright there – rest assured that there’ll be a follow-up soon!

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2 Responses to Baby, The Bees Knees – Unico in Bloomland & Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale

  1. Lisa says:

    Baby!! <;
    Personally I really do like their accessories too…just…I'd probably need to rip off half a dozen bows before I could use them though.

    And yes, yes. They watch The Simpsons. They *must*! I can see it now…
    All surrounded at Afternoon Tea time with piles of cakes and scones and this week's flavoured black tea, parked in front of a white (probably bow-covered) retro television set. <3

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Lisa – Sometimes I do feel lolita fashion calling to me… haha! 😉

    Ah, I have the best mental image right now! Thank you! (I’m so glad that at least one person understands my silly Simpsons/Discworld references) 🙂

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