We may have seen the showroom from Balmung previously, but I am always interested in how designers choose to present their work on models, even if they don’t do it through a runway show, so I was delighted to see that Balmung’s designer Hachi had really gone the extra mile with his this season.  Whereas Bodysong seems to be moving further and further towards the street level, albeit in an extremely progressive way, Balmung has gone further and further into his fantastical world.  In his, his model carries a shield (and we saw some of those at the Wut Berlin show last night – report coming soon) and wears massive stilt-like armor, with the clothes themselves covered in prints of crystals and aggressive imagery in which you can’t help but find references to anime and manga culture.

At first glance the structure of the props in his lookbook further exaggerate the lack of form in his overall silhouette, but a considered appraisal will see you spotting the same hard structures in the seams and construction of his work, even if the overall form is rather amorphous.  It is that tension that Hachi is keen to capitalize on, and is really clear that his direction as a brand is really starting to come together.  See for yourself:

Balmung’s knight clad in leg armor and brandishing a weapon.  Fact fans take note that Balmung’s name came from the legendary sword of the same name, but Hachi has never made said sword for any of his collections although last time I spoke to him he did seem quite keen on the idea.

The overall look is obviously very unisex, but I have to say that recently Verbal has been spotted wearing a lot of Balmung and he makes it look unbelievably masculine.

These heavier pieces are fantastic for winter and feel a little bit like you are wearing a duvet.

Some of the fabulous prints in action.

Stay tuned for our very detailed coverage of Wut Berlin’s A/W 2012-13 catwalk show where you will see work from Balmung and Bodysong on the runway, as well as an installation designed by them framing the entire show.  Trust me, it is going to blow you away…

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