Banal Chic Bizarre are probably the best ambassadors for the Ura-Harajuku fashion scene, they have a real talent for presenting the kind of progressive fashion that dominates the back streets of Harajuku in totally focused presentations that let you see the fashion for what it is, free from distraction.  This coming season they continue with their current theme of practical work clothes, but this time throw a flavor of the Ivy League into the mix – hence the title: Student Worker.  The incongruous mix is added to further with the presence of vinyl, kilts/skirts and a completely surreal presentation video which left me in no doubt whatsoever that these guys are at the top of their game despite having had to completely change their presentation at the last minute.

Continue reading for the key looks from the presentation video which used crafty means to make it look like it was shot in and around Yoyogi Koen minutes from their creative hub in Harajuku.  This is a real rarity – extreme creativity reigned in with restraint.

Note the plastic lapels and pocket on the shirt

The shoes have clear panels on them as well so that you can show off your socks

Love the retro lower class white collar styling (don’t get to say that often)

The socks actually have their own laces built in so that you can have a great layered faux-high boot

T-shirt meets shirt.  Great stuff that has been done before in the remake world, but done here with precision workmanship

I am really sold on these kilts – especially as a layer over something else

Classic Banal Chic Bizarre deconstruction

These are a great homage to Japanese laborer’s trousers

Brilliant jacket from BCB’s RE:Product remake line with hand stitching detail

The student’s mortarboard inspired hat is another winner with us at Tokyo Telephone (though we hated wearing ours)

Greatly amused me that this was taken in the fountains in Yoyogi (it having been drained previously)

Big fan of this yellow – especially on the plastic panels

The kilt over the remade trousers is so much more accesible – I am backing this as something that might actually catch on as a solution to the male skirt

More faultless deconstruction with a retro twist

I triumphant showing for BCB this season as far as I am concerned – they really kept to their theme of uniting the worker and the Ivy League student with concise but strong details and very literal mash-ups.

If I have tempted you to see the full thing (and if I haven’t I have failed somewhere along the line) then you can watch it here, see different stills here, core collection here and their key remakes here.  Don’t say I don’t spoil you.

This has been an interesting season for JFW collections, but Banal Chic Bizarre have really risen to the challenge and produced so many great ways to showcase their collection.  Of course I was disappointed when they cancelled their show at Space Edge but it just goes to show that whisking a camera off to Yoyogi Park can still work if the clothes themselves are the stars of the show.

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