The face of Harajuku menswear, Banal Chic Bizarre, are off orienteering for their next collection set to go on sale this autumn/winter.  With this season designer Shun Nakagawa has taken his refined color blocking to a pretty stark degree, without losing the street style and down to earth cool that makes the brand such a hit.  In fact, given that the silhouette is always just a step-ahead of that on the street in Harajuku, the look is almost like a simplified cartoon of the look popular with Tokyo’s menswear aficionados, and that rare restraint and sense of completion makes it all the more progressive and downright identifiable.

The retro mountaineering vibe is only a step away from the kind of technical wear we are seeing on the street right now, but the sharp contrasting colors, including a killer orange, just take this above and beyond into an area that is familiar, cool and surreal – need I remind you of the name of the brand?

The key seasonal print, and indeed, the only printed textile in the collection, continues in the vein established by the camouflage in the last collection (here if you missed it) – ironically more likely to get you spotted in the urban environment, than hidden in the snow.

The collection does have a very practical side as well, with technical mesh textiles on the inner and nylon outers chosen for their breathability.  The shoes are Vibram soled with Goodyear welts finished with a low cut leather upper designed to give you a peep of ankle that everyone is going for this AW.

Practicality meets a hint of evolution with their waist arrangements (a man can never have enough pockets in my book).

Love the cuffs on this jacket with the blue velcro just peeping out.

Here you can see the key color of the collection start to appear, in the showroom there was a whole lot more in this particular orange.

This is a more traditional, heavy layered silhouette from BCB, glad to see them representing how their fans, also known as ‘the rangers’, wear their stuff.

It is odd to say, but a good BCB coordinate should have an element of awkwardness to it as above, it is that 10% out of kilter that is hard to put your finger on, but definitely works.

For more on Banal Chic Bizarre you can go here, and rest assured that when they return to the runway next season, we will be there.

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