Another Banal Chic Bizarre post?” you say, scratching your head, a little mystified at the workings of Tokyo Telephone. Fear not dear readers, we haven’t gone crazy (well, okay, maybe just a tiny bit); Banal Chic Bizarre showed two separate collections on the same catwalk, yesterday’s male looks and today’s female ones too. I think you’ll agree that double the Banal Chic Bizarre equals double the fun…

If the male designs were all about the underground and ‘vivid rangers’, then what can we say about the women’s looks? Taking the collection title Old Future into account, you can easily see the influences and aesthetics in play. As I think I’ve mentioned here before, mainstream Japanese fashion is kind of in the grip of a sort of weird ‘faux-vintage’ phase at the moment that means you can move for beige and peter pan collars and plastic pearls. This is all well and good but it’s not really progressive in the way that a lot of Japanese has been, and if anything it takes away all the good bits of vintage clothing: getting a bargain, finding something unique, and (dare I say it) doing a bit of recycling to boot.

The antithesis to this faux-vintage has to be Banal Chic Bizarre’s fantastic fashion show back in October. Taking on the Old Future look, this was less knitted cardigans and more 1960s-esque visions of space-age fashion. Retro-futurism at it’s very very best, we loved clear plastic bows, full skirts and capes that were excitingly see-through, and some pretty interesting make-up styling that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a superhero. Mixed in were lace gowns and a dip-dyed dress that would be most suitable for a grand reception onboard the interstellar craft – bring the past to the future, and the future right back to the past. Keep scrolling down for more…

Would wear! Check out all the detail on those shorts, wow.

I think the background guy with pink hair kind of sums this up.

Without doubt my favourite! Now, where to get a plastic cape from? (Oh yeah, Banal Chic Bizarre!)

Past future/future past.

As I’m not an r ‘n b music star, I hesitate to use the word fierce, but damn this is fierce!

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2 Responses to Banal Chic Bizarre S/S 2012 Collection Old Future

  1. Miruku says:

    Wow, I NEED that white tutu dress! And the black lace below it….and the white maxi……and a rich husband *sobs* Thanks for the report!

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Miruku – Thanks for getting in touch!
    I think I’d rather have the plastic cape than a rich husband, hahaha 😉

    I don’t remember BCB being too horrendously expensive, especially not compared to YSL/Vuitton etc – maybe if you’re very good, Father Christmas might bring you something special!

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