Banzai is a designer I put in the same category as WrittenAfterwards as someone whose fashion creations are almost a byproduct of their other creative endeavors.  In the case of Banzai his hyper real worldview is inseparable from the designer Yoruko, so it was appropriate that for the presentation of his latest collection that he quite literally was the centre of attention.  The show took place in the white gallery space of Rocket in Harajuku with the designer himself painted white and waiting patiently for the guests to arrive.  From there a film was projected over the motionless designer, a film packed with Buddhist themes about transcending the body, and seeing the aura form around the man and radiating from the white make-up that covered him it did indeed feel like a modern spiritual spell, broken only by the sound of camera shutters.

Enjoy the flow below, but you really need to see the video in motion to really do it justice (link here).

On to the clothes themselves and idea of spiritual awakening, hence molting the body, was evident – the collection covered with eyes as if every pore was a third eye.

Beyond the showpieces that won’t be leaving the streets of central Tokyo and fashionable Osaka, there were a good amount of basics that capture the spirit of the collection in a wearable way.

Personally I really liked this motif that came out of the end of the video – a mix of traditional Japanese religious imagery, but didn’t feel too far away from the retro future vibe in fashion right now.

Nice to see King Crimson getting a mention – especially appropriate as this album cover was originally a reference to being trapped in the body.

The nice and chunky bags are the most visible element of the Banzai world, rarely does a week go by without spotting one in Tokyo.

For more on the cult of Banzai you can visit his homepage here, and rest assured that we will have more from the AW 2013-14 Tokyo season for you soon, a season that lasts right from Tokyo Fashion Week until the present – it is worth remembering that underground brands like Blackmeans and Keisuke Kanda only released their collections last week!

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