I’m not really a hat person. Maybe I could just about get away with a beret. This hasn’t stopped me from indulging in millinery in the past though – I have a whole drawer dedicated to failed experiments. Slouchy knitted things, pompoms, structured sleek affairs… Maybe I don’t have a head for hats? Maybe one day I’ll proudly display my latest head accessory and Samuel won’t start laughing uncontrollably? Maybe I’m over dramaticising wearing a hat?

Shame really, as I’m totally smitten with Barairo no Boushi (rose-coloured hat; their romanisation);

What’s that? A knitted hat with a chinstrap and a slightly scary rabbit in a pocket? Hell yeah. Okay, what’s that? A fascinator made to look like a grey furry mouse. I realise that I may not be selling you on Barairo no Boushi, but please, read on.

I really love the styling of this collection, especially how they make what would otherwise be preposterous hats look quite respectable and in-keeping with the image they’re trying portray: pinstripe and random fox tails and the aforementioned mouse fascinator; military top and skirt and olive/khaki layered top hat – shouldn’t work, but it does. I also have developed quite a fondness for the model’s copper hair…

I think top hats are probably my favourite of all hats, and the above two just prove my point! The red feathered hat is just fab, and I’d really love to see the white flowered hat coordinated in a dolly kei outfit – contrast the delicate flowers with a heavy velvet skirt and carry on the natural theme by piling on the layers of lace and antique accessories.

Below we have yet more magnificent millinery! If the flowered top hat above was perfect for dolly kei, then the netted straw hat below would look amazing in an over-the-top sweet lolita coordinate (I’m thinking Angelic Pretty, right?), perched on top of frothy candy pink hair. As for the cabbage leaf hat… a rather literal Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter?

Barairo no Boushi: proving that chickens can be chic. (Geddit? HA HA.)

(catalogue photographs courtesy of Shinichi Sasaki)

My favourite hat in the world (not counting these ones) was a present from a dear friend: a bright green baseball cap, with the words CHERRY STICK in purple glittery letters. One day I’ll wear it outside.

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