Barak is one of the brands found at 109 that I haven’t covered yet… no excuses, I haven’t really paid that much attention to them – there’s a whole lot of clothing being churned out by a whole lot of companies that take their inspiration from a few designers, so the end products look really similar.

Case in point: remember when I attempted to predict the autumn/winter trends for 2010 by looking at high-end brand’s catwalk shows? I think I got it pretty spot-on (knitwear, fur boots, capes, etc) and the only trend that I didn’t pick up on before the season started were nordic prints! I’m hoping for a similar triumph for spring/summer 2011…

When I came across Barak’s latest collection I was happily surprised – yes, there are mostly trend-based items in there of course – but I liked their mix & match approach.

What really caught my little eye was the blue blouse in the main coordinate; I’ve lived by the old adage that black ‘cheapens’ colour, but I love the blue/black combination here! I can’t help be reminded of uber-gothic lolita brand Moi Meme Moitie & Mana’s use of a similar colour combination. Although I sincerely doubt that Barak were influenced in any way by Mana himself, it tickles me to think of two radically different styles sharing an unusual colour combination – something I’d love to see!

My other favourite is the grey biker jacket paired with leopard print shorts in a similar tone, and a huge furry bag! I really like the combination of punky masculine jacket with the feminine shorts print and on-trend bag. Great ideas for wardrobe remixing!


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