Sunning yourself on a beach or chilling by a pool is no excuse to let down the standards in style, at least when you have access to the glorious world of Japanese street fashion.  I have put together a little inspiration board to give you an idea of what I will be sporting on the sands the very second the opportunity presents itself.

As you can see a lot of my style essentials remains intact.  Just because you are close to the beach does not mean you have to dress like a Buzz Spunky Surfer nor does it mean you have to go totally Goa ethnic.  So I would go for a base colour of black with simple thin fabrics – there is virtually no point in wearing your shiny prints or stones in the sun as odds on the heat will weaken the design more than a hundred washes.  In the top right you can see some nicely fitted swimming trunks from Fuga that are a nice alternative to baggy surfer or the speedo look, as well as being smart enough to wear to and from the beach.

As for the accessories the trend is focused right on the straw hat, which contrary to the Gyaru trend for those CanCan hats is a weathered cowboy look.  Go for one with a slight patterned coating to the straw and maybe a bit of metal work like the one in my board.  If you can’t find one just pin any old vintage broach to the hat and you are all set.

Sandals should be ready to get covered in sand so best to keep them as simple as possible (less areas for the stuff to get lodged!) and definitely get involved with this years craze for hair ties with silver conchos as they are absolutely everywhere right now – a nice little payoff for having to put up with long hair in this heat for me!

Finally this is a great chance top to wear some really big ethnic jewelery that you might feel was a bit much for the city.  Make sure that you are wearing nothing that is going to be damaged by either chemicals from pools or sea water.  To that end, cut out the silver, brass, copper and pretty much every metal except platinum!  Instead go for natural materials like the bone and teeth in my board or if that is not your thing then turqoise, coral, tusks or wood is the way to go.  The trendsters are all wearing snake vertebrae either naturally white or dyed black as in the choker the model is wearing above (for further proof observe my ol’ friend Russel Brand rocking the look on the front cover of this months Rolling Stone).

So there you go, do enjoy your time on the beach with your style intact and definatley use it as an opportunity to enjoy a more primal ethnic inspired look.


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