Even though we are in the midst of the AW 2011-2012 collections I thought I would take a break and do something completely timeless and counter-mainstream  – even if ironically this kind of neo-vintage is more in vogue than ever.  BerBerJin are a chain of select vintage shops in Ura-Harajuku that have been at the heart of men’s vintage for over a decade.  They have always stocked the best museum quality examples of international vintage, but more recently they have collaborated with and showcased new work produced to compliment their stunning back-catalogue.  Creating that work are: LABRAT who do a fantastic line in contemporary twists on classic cool and blackmeans who do amazing custom leather work that is all proudly made in Japan.  Together they are pretty much unstoppable and have produced some absolutely stunning work in the last couple of years which I thought I would share with you today.  Expect custom paint jobs, studding, hand-sewing and custom graphics all done to a truly professional level, but tied together with an appreciation of the vintage aesthetic.

Continue reading for some of the best jackets you have every seen courtesy of LABRAT x blackmeans’ collaboration project: DNIY and some solo work.  All these jackets are absolute one of a kinds, but if you want something even vaguely simular BerBerJin always have something in stock that will stop you in your tracks.

Keep in mind that most of these are entirely new, hand-made in Japan and the majority of the graphics completely original.  You pay for this detail (up to around 150000 yen) but these are heirloom quality pieces and in perfect condition unlike a like a lot of vintage biker jackets that have been through hell and back.

On with the show…

Absolutely amazing.  Precise stud work, great colour choices and unlike the high-fashion takes on biker this season, these still have edge and character despite their perfection.

As I said in my introduction, blackmeans do a great line in leather work in their own right which is stocked in a couple of places including acycle and is always found worn on the streets of Harajuku:

Very cool waist accessory.

Perfect leather before the custom work begins…

Very cool re-make aesthetic but expertly executed.

I have seen so many guys wearing these lately.  Infact in the latest issue of Tune I spotted 3 pairs of blackmeans leather trousers!

And the overall look:

For more information the best place to start is going to be the BerBerJin site with links to the various staff blogs, but you are best off dropping into Harajuku and seeing it all for yourself.  Their stock moves really fast and you definitely have to jump on stuff when you see it because it rarely sticks around.

I am obviously a huge fan of this kind of aesthetic as you can see through NOMI, but I always appreciate someone else’s eye on these kind of projects.  The custom made patches and hand-drawn art is second to none and I would be proud to call it my own one day.  Stay tuned for more BerBerJin updates here, they really are at the heart of men’s street fashion in Tokyo and it is about time I give them the attention they deserve.

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3 Responses to BerBerJin x blackmeans x LABRAT

  1. brad-t says:

    The belts in the last pic are TO DIE FOR.

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Hah! The big one is one belt wrapped around twice! Yes, it is that long.

    They have been casually hung up in the back or BerBerJin in Harajuku for a couple of years now, one day someone will snipe them…

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