I feel like I have been remiss in keeping you all up to date with the goings on at the legendary Shibyua 109 Mens (Recently re-named from 109-2).  So I thought I would take this opportunity to give you a run down on my top 30  (or so) items to have caught my eye this season.  It must be said that most of it reflects the shift towards Mode Fashion on the Shibuya Streets, and is much more adult and credible, but still with that ultra tight fitted silhouette and spirit of glamourous excess that won all the 109 brands so many fans in the first place.  The other thing that is going to jump out from this selection is just how much these street level and (relatively) cheap brands have been influenced by the big players in high fashion – particularly my personal favorites Rick Owens and Julius.

Continue reading for the very best from Buffalo Bobs, Fuga, Civarise and even some appearances by Glad News, Midas and Vice Fairy.  These are the big Shibuya street trends of the Spring / Summer and it is all pretty accesible and easy to buy online so without further a do, here are my selections:

Buffalo Bobs can do no (or at least very little) wrong this year and there are going to be quite a few from this brand on this list of mine.  First up is this ultra-fitted panelled riders style shirt.  Perfect for the roasty Japanese weather.

It is no secret that I am thoroughly bored of conventional trousers.  These are pretty easy to wear and capture the look of the male skirt while actually being draped shorts – a good compromise if you will.

Alternatively the leggings and shorts look is a winner with me this year.  Gotta love those huge pockets that should give you a bit of movement as you stride along.

And to match, the heavily pocketed gilet.

And if you have a slightly bigger budget then these leather shorts are unbelievably cool and still so much cheaper than the high fashion options out there.

Likewise this leather gilet trounces the cotton option – but then again it will cost you.  Still I really like how they have run with some of the ideas that Julius has been playing around with in the last couple of years.

With this the jury is still out, but I couldn’t not include it.  Over-designed – certainly.  But I can just imagine a Host rocking this come the summer.

Likewise these have split opinion at Tokyo Telephone.  Hit or Miss – what do you think?

On to Fuga who have been inspired by Julius this year even more than usual.  This makes such a great layer and it is very fairly priced as well.

Really approve of these industrial themed shorts.  Leather pocket, nice hanging braces and yet more unnecessary pockets – all trends covered for this S/S.

Unzippable belt to give you lots of options over how you wear it and is another easy way to include some hanging leather goodness in your outfit.

Here you can see it worn and with some great Fuga hi-top trainers to boot.

Gostar continue to bring great quality tailored jackets to the street and like last year 3/4 length sleeves are the way to wear them.

Civarise are sticking to a slightly more ethnic vibe of which Share Spirit might well be proud.  Love the beads on the neck of the T-Shirt.

Which would go nicely with these sandals.  That is real snakeskin and leather throughout – you are not going to do much better for less than 10000 yen.

And if you are looking for a splash of colour, then do it with this real silk scarf.

Some other brands now – great summer drape.

Vice Fairy with a boxy zippy gilet.  Gotta say, I do quite like it.  Lots of room to wear it a good number of ways.

More Vice, with a great way to lengthen your torso.

Very cheap version of the tight combats for those on a budget.

Some fun draping from Midas.

New to 109 Mens brand D.A.D (originally a custom car company) with a pretty cool embossed leather bag that has apparently been selling well.

I hoped that Vanquish would have made a bigger splash this season with their blue on black collection that you can read more about here.  I like it and I hope I get to see more of it on the streets later this summer.

Although this might be a bit too much blue.  Still, good on them for creating a “Vanquish Blue” – now you just can’t see this shade without thinking of Vanquish.

Obviously shorts are a huge item this spring, and there are plenty of odd options to keep yourself unique.

Of The Neige Style has also done a good line in faux remake items like these studded trainers.

Personally I would always do this kind of custom work myself, but at this price the lazy might be easily tempted!

Glad News has also done a lot of faux remade items with t-shirts that look hand printed/painted.  Certainly a big trend and no doubt caused by the success of Candy in Shibuya.

And finally my pick of the festival Yukata.  This one from Bobs is easily the classiest I have seen, but I will stick to my favorite skull print one this festival season.

And that is it for my 109 Mens round-up.  Most of this can be bought online through various sites if you are outside Japan, but if you are in Japan you are spoiled for stockists wherever you are.  Let me know if I have missed out on any of your favorite items and if you order through the Rakuten link on this site on the 13th-14th of June you will be eligible for free shipping to the USA (a very rare offer indeed).

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5 Responses to Best of S/S 109 Mens Onii-kei Shibuya Street Fashion

  1. Gervin says:

    I never liked Onii Kei fashion but there are pieces here which are really irresistable. the drapes, Vanquish shoes, Buffalo Zouave Pants and the layer hoods.

  2. Tori says:

    I love that crazy layered hood gilet, haha~ over-designed yes, but if I were a guy, I would so wear it XD

  3. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Glad I managed to score some hits with my selection – I personally just fancy those leather shorts.

    I think it is pretty easy to mix most Onii-Kei brands into pretty much any wardrobe – and especially at the sub-designer prices it can be pretty tempting…


  4. Andy says:

    Wow these clothing are awesome, especially the 5th picture. Is it possible to order them someway online? O.o I mean seriously I would so buy his Vest and Shirt 😀

  5. Samuel says:

    @ Andy

    There are plenty of Buffalo Bobs online stockists in Japan, although you will need to use a shopping service if you live outside Japan. Services like Rakuten are good for smaller buys and make things nice and easy for you.

    Happy shopping!

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