It kind of feels like it hasn’t been that long since I last featured Black Triangle Design, but here we are again – the Black Triangle is back with another fantastic jewellery collection that I’m itching to get my hands on!

(Sidenote: ‘triangle’ seems to be one of those words that I really have trouble typing; if you spot any ‘traingle‘s please let me know!)

Last time I talked about triangles and symbolism, and even though you’re not likely to catch me with crystals and patchouli incense, I’m catching a touch of spirituality here in this look book. Maybe it’s the title, Mystique. Maybe it’s the headband (and half-naked young man!), but there’s a feeling of ritual and obsession and power. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but the trippy graphics make me think of hallucinogenic shaman rites – a little more Native American than Tokyo, perhaps? Either way, I’m still a huge fan of the triangle…

I think it’s also interesting to note that while this isn’t designer high-end jewellery with a price-tag to match, it falls nicely into that category that’s in between cheap junk and expensive accessories that you’re too terrified to wear. It’s a great place to be, in my opinion, and Black Triangle Design’s quality is certainly worth it. Anyway! Enough from Rebecca; more scantily-clad men, right?!

One of my favourite pieces! Love the tassels…

Triangles on triangles – oh, the layering possibilities.

I’m really into the heavily studded shapes again the sheer black – it’s a wonderful contrast. I may even wear something similar myself tomorrow!

Extended diamonds are the new shape du jour?

I’m quite into shirts and ties and waistcoats at the moment, and I could happily incorporate a bolo tie into the mix – must find the perfect pork pie hat first though.

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