It seems that the triangle the go-to shape for many a hipster, and of course Gareth Pugh. We’re no strangers to the joy of triangles here at Tokyo Telephone; the beautiful wa-punk NOMI jacket made with me has a huge one in kimono fabric and studs on the back. The triangle has been used in a huge number of cultures with different meanings throughout history, and while I have less than fond memories of learning Pythagoras’ theorum in stuffy maths classrooms, there’s something incredibly satisfying about equilateral triangles… Enter Black Triangle Design.

I first became aware of Black Triangle Design though one of my favourite streetwear boutique/brands H>Fractal, who are no strangers to the world of triangles themselves. While I’d quite like a little triangular hommage to NOMI inked somewhere about my person in the future, I think that until then I’ll be content with covering myself in Black Triangle Design creations.

(Sidenote: how amazing are the model’s piercings? I too have stretched ears, and I had my septum pierced at 16 – now I’m really tempted to start wearing it down instead of keeping it hidden up my schnoz!)

Triangle of triangle studs…

Love the leather strap detailing, nicely industrial with being too heavy.

But which colour to choose? Silver mix for me, I think!

Really great interpretation of the triangular theme.

I’d probably go with gold, and stack on a huge number of gold bangles too.


Proving that just using a single shape as a jumping point doesn’t have to be boring; Black Triangle Design get it right.

As well as being stocked in H>Fractal and one of Tokyo’s coolest uber-hip boutiques Xanadu, you can also find BTD in Teknopolice in Osaka rubbing shoulders with brands like Boy London, Joyrich and Jeremy Scott – excuse me while I run down to my old hunting grounds in Kansai!

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