Welcome to the second part of our look at the underground art exhibition Blaze that is going to be rocking Asagaya till Sunday the 12th.  Yesterday we were looking at the work of Dual Flow, Ability Normal and Crafts Milch, but today it is the turn of renowned potter Kazumichi Maruoka, and the silversmiths LegioMade and Glam Scale.

Kicking things off in style we have Kazumichi Maruoka who as ever is experimenting with various acid washes and his own unique mixes of clay and glaze in his favorite medium of skulls.  This time he liked the idea of creating a skull that could be used to display jewelry rather than the typical box designs, hence the third eye socket for you to fill with your finest silver.  If you read my review of his Antideath you will know that I am a big fan of his work and I am not just saying that because he once trapped me in a coffin.

Moving on to LegioMade, who again I have a huge amount of respect for on both a technical and artistic level, doing what he does best with intricate designs fused with mythologies of the world and even a bit of Lovecraft.

But it was great to see some more experimental work from him including the amazing boots accessories above – love the “spines” down the laces – and spiked gas mask that he created for an alternative stage performer.

As well as that new leather work, LegioMade is also using a lot more natural stones in his designs and has come up some great decaying skull beads that can be slotted over beads allowing for a nice mix of stone and silver.  Personally I can’t wait for him to get working with organics like bone and wood to really complete his invented cult mythos and aesthetic.

It was also good to see some more massive showpieces from him, this necklace is particular was unbelievably detailed in the flesh.

An accesorry I don’t have yet… Very tempting.

For more on LegioMade you will want to go here and if you keep your English simple he can ship abroad if you contact him.

Finally we have Glam Scale who is a man infatuated with futurist mechanical design, to the point where even his organic stones seem impossibly clean as if from space.

These new ring designs really caught my eye, especially in a black copper alloy he has been working on for some time now.

The designer’s own wallet chain looking all the better for years of wear – the way the mechanical parts move on this thing has to be handled in person to be understood.

Even Glam Scale’s leather work is ultra clean and ties into the same futuristic gothic universe.

An example of Glam Scale’s clothes customisation service.

You can find Glam Scale here and he is stocked in a couple of places including Rakuten so you won’t have a hard time getting his work out of Japan.

There you have it, some of Tokyo’s finest underground artists active today and the first of many exhibitions of Blaze.  It has been a real pleasure to see this group start to get the attention they deserve over the last year, finally showing that there is still life in the Tokyo silver scene and that there is a whole world to explore beyond the luxury gothic of Chrome Hearts.

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4 Responses to Blaze Underground Art Exhibition – LegioMade – Glam Scale

  1. Clare says:

    Thanks for posting this – love seeing new stuff. The work is so intricate and well-crafted without being fussy or gimmicky – just timeless. I recently bought LegioMade’s “Little Girl” ring and although it’s quite a large, heavy piece, it’s so comfortable that I wear it every day and never tire of picking over the details. There was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with emails to Hiroki Oguma and the Lunatic Nights store at Rakuten (the item was out of stock) but in the end Hiroki made the ring for me and had it shipped across the world. Very helpful people the Japanese!

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Clare

    Hiroki Oguma is a great guy, totally down to earth and just happy to be creating, not surprised at all to hear that he went above and beyond to make it happen. I am still saving up for a nice ring from him, but every time we talk the scope of the custom work keeps growing… Also I picked up a massive custom ring from Guardia recently as well…

  3. Clare says:

    Lucky you! My interest in Guardia was aroused after seeing their Skull Cup entry and have been adding pieces to the wish list ever since. Did you end up buying that brass LegioMade ring, the one with a kind of circular seal on the top, that you’d been admiring from his last collection? I rather fancy the goat skull ring but it’s pretty monumental.

  4. Samuel says:

    @ Clare

    You don’t have to tell me, I know every time I see it! I never did pick up that LegioMade ring, but that is the base of a custom design I had in mind. I really like his carvings in mother of pearl, so I was hoping to include some of that in that circular seal design…

    I love that goat skull ring as well, it has a nice flow to it though, so even though it is pretty big it it not “too much”.

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