In the world of silver accessories it is very easy to rest on your laurels once you are on to a good thing, after-all once you have come up with a flawless Chrome Hearts cross or sublime Evil Skull ring then you can pretty much build a career round it.  On the other hand Bloody Mary has built a brand identity around constant progression, and while I would agree that over-complicating designs just for the sake of it is never a good idea, Bloody Mary’s showboating complexity and precision is a big part of the lure of their jewelry.  With their 2011 Revival collection they have taken the unusual step of returning to their classic Midnight collection and revived it with all they have learnt in the intervening years since.  Expect even more details, lazer etching, carved stone, mammoth ivory and jewelry that will comprehensively astonish you from every angle.  As for the themes, this is the usual mythological approach to nature that you will expect if you have so much as heard of Bloody Mary, but arguably more unisex than ever before.

First up we have a ring that I have mentally already dedicated a finger to:

Amazing details all round and a great use of carved mammoth ivory in the centre just finishes it off perfectly.  It is called “Exist”, comes in at a sharp but not unreasonable 63000 yen and will soon be in pride of place on my hand.

Next up is an indulgent look at the irregular linked bracelets Bloody Mary always do so well at:

Now I think you would be hard pushed to not be impressed by that level of detail and how different the various segments of the piece are.

This is one of the most obvious re-workings of a Midnight piece, and the increase in quality shines through in the greater definition in the leaves, scales and the slightly more 3D design that allows the bracelet to turn over and still look great.

I am aware that I am fawning over this brand, but can you really blame me?  I see a lot of jewelry and whether you like the aesthetic of the work, you just cannot deny the quality of details.  Maybe a serious biker silver fan would argue that it was soulless how you can’t see the hand-working of the designer evident in the finished article, but I think the strength of the overall vision compensates for the lack of personal connection with the designer.

Another revived design, this time around with a carved crystal claw set into the silver.

Love this cheeky snake peeking out of the flowers – and check out the detail on the bale.

More carved stone – this is becoming a major trend in silver jewelry this year.

And just because I want another chance to use the word “detail”, here are the standard chains to accompany the collection:

Bloody Mary are really in a league of their own right now and have been for the past couple of years.  Only recently have designers like Legio Made caught up with the range of techniques at work here, but Bloody Mary really are the leaders.  Obviously the price tag does match, but they do offer something that few else can.

Come back soon for another look into a different side of Bloody Mary and I promise you that it will be worth your time.

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