I might well sound like a total jewelery nerd right now but Harajuku brand Bloody Mary really do the best polishing in the business!  I mean the fundamental beauty of silver lies in the contrast between the dark patina and polished shiny areas of the silver and Bloody Mary really explore the possibilities of balancing the two.  Their new Battle Ring from the new primitive collection really showcases this beauty (45,000 Yen)

The subtlety of the finish on this ring is truly remarkable and represents an enormous amount of design and labor.  Not to mention that the ring itself is absolutely brilliant to begin with!  The contrast between flowing florals and sharp claws is just so striking and creates a silhouette that transcends the confines of the design of a ring.  Sorry to sound a bit pretentious, but this ring is truly an object of beauty and the fact that you could own it and carry it with you wherever you go is very inviting.


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