I think if you have been reading this site for a while, it should be pretty patently obvious that we have an almost unhealthy fascination with silver jewelry, but we haven’t really ever got round to covering the most obvious jewelry topic of them all – wedding rings.  Now I am aware that as a man there are certain cultures around the world that don’t really do male wedding rings, but thankfully for me Japan isn’t one of them anymore, and I am certainly not going to let an opportunity for jewels slip through my fingers.  But this being Japan and all there are hoops to jump through and even though most progressive office environments permit jewelry (within reason), there are still some very traditional offices that have unbelievably specific rules on the thickness of ring you are allowed and even size of stone.

Luckily for those of us baffled by these rules, buying a Japanese wedding ring from a Japanese brand usually adheres to even the squarest of square offices, but that does not mean you have to forsake all design and that is where the most detailed jewelry brand I have ever laid eyes on – Bloody Mary comes into play and no sir, they do live up to their reputation.

The rings are all quite conservatively sized, but they make up for it in subtle detailing that is quite a rarity in Western wedding rings where the size of diamond tends to be the only consideration (I am looking at you Rebecca!) and they can (and should) be staked by putting the wedding ring on top of the engagement.

We are going to kick off with some nice platinum (mostly Pt 900) which would be my choice if it was slightly higher in platinum content at Pt 950.  At that level that ring is still guaranteed to be on your finger for a lifetime – which I believe is the point – but also will show a little more gentle wear in time which as a fan of silver is something  I enjoy seeing over the life of a ring.

I just love the dark brooding surface of platinum and you never lose the original polish gradients, so those details on the bud above will last indefinitely.

Diamonds can be chosen by quality as can the size…

This might be my preference for a man, though I might need something thicker.

On to the gold and I should say that all these are also available in silver.  I do after all know many superstitious types who don’t even like to touch gold if they can and mercifully for them, the price drops instantly when made in silver.

And in white gold – not my personal preference:

Oh and how could I forget!  There is a cheeky little blue diamond in most of these.

I suppose you could just wear these bridal rings as a regular ring, and indeed, Bloody Mary do offer pretty much every one of their designs in other precious metals anyway.  But there is something quite nice about something designed with the sole purpose of being used for a wedding, and it would be a shame to lose that very special meaning.

Stay tuned for more Bloody Mary coming very soon…

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