bodysong is rapidly becoming the centrifuge of an entire Japanese fashion movement, in his latest collection uniting artists and designers of various disciplines to flesh out his new Tokyo tribe and world view centered around blurring the lines between reality and technology.  The dizzying line-up of collaborators takes in CRC, FORIE, KOU, Nukeme, orqestra liven, POTTO, ROTARI PARKER, rurumu, yang02 and yesterdayboy whose talents range from interior design to glitch art to the edgiest knitting you are ever likely to encounter.  This communal approach has made for a collective reinterpretation of the original bodysong aesthetic leaving the work feeling more focused and infinitely more commercial without losing the experimental side of the brand.

Our look at the collection begins in Hikarie during Tokyo Fashion Week where bodysong’s tented exhibition was a monument of cool against the runway presentations and continues on to a private exhibition held last week towards the end of this post.

The designer (who does not want his name or identity revealed) brought in fans to wear his clothes around the Fashion Week area as perfect brand ambassadors during the installation – who have since gone on to appear on just about every single street style site.

If you need reminding the core look is the massively oversized outer (which has since gone on to dominate the entirety of Tokyo street fashion in the years Bodysong has been active), the busy hyper-layered effect and a burst of digital imagery and glitch inspired art work to tie it all together.  In effect the overall impression is that the clothes themselves are glitching, sprouting fabric as polygons tear and layering saturation on saturation as graphic cards crash.

At the top of the Orchestra Liven built structure we have knitted work from rurumu, bringing a whole new texture to the mix.

This installation had a mixture of work from various seasons and summed up the universe nicely.

Lately there have been a lot more fitted items in the line-up which will hopefully make the brand more popular without losing the core aesthetic in the process.

CRC has brought an element of interior design to the bodysong world via these great lamp shades and other fittings.

Other collaborations were more chaotic than the mainline but kept the brand in touch with its one of a kind artistic roots.

Regular collaborator Kou’s deconstructed cartoons were as welcome as ever.

The clothes are a channel to express the digital vision in reality for bodysong occasionally becoming screens and speakers in the process.

More great work from CRC.

This is actually a cushion, but I guess the Tokyo brave could accessorize with it?

Some great details:

The glitch embroidery all comes via Nukeme – look out for a dedicated report on him soon.

One of the twists in the latest collection was a series of other brands t-shirts given the bodysong treatment, in this case a N.Hoolywood shirt was printed over and the arm hole added to to give the impression that the very structure of the shirt was glitching.

By far the biggest surprise was the introduction of some more organic elements into the ensemble through the wood above and the wool below.  It will be interesting to see where that takes the brand in the future but I am looking forward to finding out.

I can’t help but feel that bodysong is only just getting started…

Next we will have the crew from Honey’s Dead so stand by for that.

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