Bodysong is full of surprises this season, not content with his conceptual installation showing of Cocoon above Fake Tokyo in Shibuya as part of Tokyo Fashion Week, an exhibition (coverage here), and the best lookbook I have seen all season, last night I was sent another collection of photos showcasing his work, this time displaying the feminine possibilities of the Bodysong brand.  Please don’t let that put you off if you are a man though, this is just to show the versatility with which Bodysong can be worn, and it is another good chance to see some of the individual pieces ahead of retail later this year.

If anything I find Bodysong’s work all the more striking when worn by a women, especially a very slight one, as the exaggerated proportions and dropped silhouette, is further emphasised on a women’s body.  That is not to say that it can’t be traditionally feminine though, there are enough high socks (worn scrunched down by men) in various prints, and the long hoodies can actually be worn as dresses – they really are that long.

Anyway, enjoy the first part of the lookbook where you can see some of the fun textures and shapes, as well as prints courtesy of Yoshirotten.

I thought we would also take a look at the more traditional lookbook as well, here you can see the digital interference prints in all their glory, and get a better idea about how you might actually coordinate this yourself – I know that Bodysong can seem to be a bit of a challenge.

The fabrics are half tribal and half digital interference / digital artifacts inspired, and are never allowed to be symmetrical – I like how the arms of the heavy sweater are broken up with contrasting panels.

This is a great example of just how feminine Bodysong can be.

The prints are vast with no repetitious by virtue of the designer using an industrial size printing press to print meters of fabric with a single design all at once, and it also has the added bonus of making the prints pleasantly textured.

The shorts here almost look like bloomers, which again ensures that this is going to be feminine enough for the girls of Tokyo.

The jacket above is one of our favorites here at Tokyo Telephone, the mix of textures and sheer weight of the thing just gives it such a presence when worn.

Here we veer into the avant-garde, but I can still imagine this worn in Tokyo, and failing that I am sure that some of the personalities of the Tokyo fashion scene will take up the challenge.

And just one more to show that he can do precise panels and simple structures as well as the ruffled expanses of fabric he clearly prefers.

As ever, I wish I could direct you on to a homepage of similar, but he still hasn’t got round to it as yet.  Obviously we are both sold on his vision of Tokyo street fashion, so when something new comes our way, you know that it will be up on here within 24 hours.

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4 Responses to Bodysong – The Shape of Things to Come

  1. Kate B says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. The hooded jacket in the final picture is right up my alley. Very Tokyo (if that makes sense), it suits being worn while strolling around the city.

  2. These images are exquisite, I want almost everything here. I am really loving the silhouettes, for me as a male too. It looks comfortable, and almost like the clothes would give you a sense of boldness/confidence when wearing them, if that makes sense.

  3. Samuel says:

    @ Kate B

    Glad to hear that Bodysong is getting the female vote as well! And yes, this kind of fashion just encapsulates the feel of Tokyo perfectly.

    @ Lactose Intoler-Art

    I have said it before – this brand is made for you!

  4. crystalblurr says:

    I am completely enraptured by this collection! I want to buy all of these pieces and make my own clothing inspired by this work!

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