Here you will find an A-Z of all the Japanese fashion brands that we have covered on Tokyo Telephone in a dedicated article.  If you cannot find what you are looking for please feel free to search the blog via the search box to the right.


14th Addiction – Very cool industrial nomad flavored celebrity and rockstar favorite.

5351 Pour Les Hommes – Classy street style with credible high-fashion leanings.

Alter Venomv – Acid Rock drenched Gyaru-O brand with visual leanings.

Aptform – Cutting-edge textiles and classic craftsmanship make this a favorite amongst the avant-garde of Tokyo.

BREAKS – Japanese designers based in London who offer a fresh perspective on punk.

Civarise – A 109-2 juxtaposition of apocalyptic and futuristic flair with very slim styling.

Christian Dada – Luxury punk from one of our favourite Japanese streetwear designers.

Diet Butcher Slim Skin – Very classy punk inspired street fashion.

Dummyhead Depaysemen – This gothic brand straight out of Vantan is without a doubt one of the ones to watch for fresh genderless designs.

Fuga – The darkest of all 109-2 brands, never gothic, always fitted and gorgeous.

Galaabend – Perfect male fashionable streetwear.

Goa – Native styling meets the US Army and creates an iconic street brand.

Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets – Originally famous for their underwear, their fashion star is rising fast.

h.fractal – Accessible Japanese couture.

HEADL_INER – From one of the founders of the legendary Roen comes a new contendor for the Japanese street-wear crown.

Hiromu Takahara – The absolute peak of footwear from the creator of Roen.

HNBM – A brand obsessed with the beauty of contrasts from Hisashi Hoshino.

Jackrose – Along with Luv Maison these are the kings of vintage biker.  Great quality and value.

Julius – Avant garde trend setter that dictates the mainstream.

Jury Black – Very unisex brand featured in Popteen as well as Men’s Knuckle with a UK rock vibe.

Juvenile Delinquent – Think classic Yakuza with Japanese prints and gorgeous excess.

Juvenile Hall Rollcall – Absolute edge from the heart of Ura-Harajuku made famous by Root Magazine.

KMRii – A single item from this brand is a passport to timeless cool.

Kohshin Satoh – Luxurious gothic masterpieces for the Tokyo elite.

LESSTHAN* – Classy rock inspired street-wear with simple yet striking detailing.

Makin Jan Ma – London based Japanese designer who makes costumes for the characters in his short films to outstanding results.

Mastermind Japan – The ultimate in Japanese casual luxury style.  Instant status symbol.

Midas – A classic 109-2 brand that does the Onii-kei look damn well.

Moonage Devilment – The antidote to overdone rock-styling, oddly from the rocker Kiyoharu.

Morgan Homme – Slightly preppy but great for basics with subtle styling and a high quality of finish.

No, No, Yes! – Cutting edge leather tailors who actually find new things to do with this the oldest of materials.

Phenomenon – Absolutely avant garde street fashion of the most masculine variety.

Rhydeal – The umbrella group for a number of clothing, cosmetic and interior fashion brands.

Roar – Luxury casual wear known for their collaborations and crossed guns motifs.

Roc Star – Very edgy street label.

Roen – The brand that most of the Gyaru-O 109-2 brands want to be that takes hard wearing street style to the limit.

Rynshu – One of the cornerstone status brands of Tokyo.  Only the seriously rich need apply.

Schlussel – Beautiful bohemian chic with a hint of rock.

Share Spirit Homme – the men’s line of the timelessly cool Share Spirit.

Sheine – Hard sporty OraOra style.

Shellac – Exceptionally high quality street style from the designer of 5351 Pour Les Hommes.

Sos Te Nuto – ever wondered where the high-ranking Hosts get their suits from?  Here is your answer.

Tarzan Kick – Hand drawn primitive fashion that borders on art and anarchy at the the same time.

THUNDERBOX – Geek-chic done well for a change…

Tornado Mart – A brand with a religious following that does glam rock and almost everything better than anyone else.

Ultra Violence – Takes Araki Hirohiko’s Jojo designs directly into the realm of fashion.

Vanquish – Classic Gyaru-O brand that is becoming ever more grown-up with a darker palate of late.

Yasuyuki Ishii – Post-apocalyptic fashion at its absolute peak.

Yoshio Kubo – Concise and creative creations for the modern man of the world.

Yuima Nakazato – High fashion couture designs.

Xampagne – Influential unisex fashion.


6% Dokidoki – Undisputed leaders of Harajuku kawaii fashion

Algonquins – Harajuku-style neo-punk

Angelic Pretty – Lolita fashion brand primarily sweet style

Anrealage – One of the most innovative designers out there, but with a certain naivety that makes the brand pretty accesible.

Baby Shoop – B-gyaru style; sometimes controversial, but always fun

Baby the Stars Shine Bright – Long-running lolita frashion brand

Backs – Sister brand to Gilfy & ReDark featuring popular gyaru fashion

Banal Chic Bizarre – Vintage and original items from up-and-coming young designers

Barairo no Boushi – Weird and wonderful headwear for eccentrics

Barak – Underrated gyaru brand

Bedsidedrama – New designs, vintage styles

Cecil Mcbee – Phenomenally popular gyaru band, very trend-based

Charmant – High fashion feminine shoes

Dazzlin – Mainstream fashion with a vintage flair

Delyle – Gyaru brand highly influenced by classic Chanel style

Dilga – Mature and stylish gyaru fashion

Dresedundressed – Beautiful unisex designs

Emily Temple CuteOtome lolita fashion band, with antique influences & crazy prints

Emily Temple Lulu – Children’s clothing from the above brand

Emoda – Mode-gyaru brand produced by Ena Matsumoto

Esperanza – On-trend gyaru shoes, sister brand to Twisty & Diavolo

Etw. Vonneguet – Extremily Avant Garde, but accessible unisex fashion.

Everlasting Sprout – Up-and-coming fresh designs

Flag-j – Popular gyaru shoes

fur fur – La Foret favorite, appropriately enough aligned with Mori Girl trends

Frou Frou de SucreKawaii & amazing bags

Galaxxxy – Neon fun from the brain of Kaoru Watanabe

Garter – Up-and-coming designers in cool Koenji

Gilfy – Gyaru-favourite, accessible designs for fashionable girls

Gimlet – Relatively new brand, influenced by high-end designers

Glad News – Accessible fashion from Shibuya

Gramm – h.Naoto sub-brand, with an antique chic gothic feel

Grimoire – One of the original & best vintage shops in Tokyo; true dolly-kei style

Hell Cat Punks – Traditional punk style from Harajuku

Hisui – The new street couture; one to watch

h.Naoto – Harajuku neo-punk leader, spawning a huge amount of sub-brands

Innocent World – Classic lolita must-have brand

In-Process – Up-and-coming inspirational new designer

Issey Miyake – Big brand, innovative designs

Jesus Diamante – High-fashion high-end hime gyaru, comes with a royal pricetag

JSG – Long live haade (flashy) gyaru!

Kazushihara – Recent BFGU graduate destined for greatness who seems to have found a niche in safety pin structures

Liz Lisa – Perennial feminine favourite for any Tokyo fashionista

ma*rs – Unique gyaru style, celebrating 25 years of pink & black coordinates

Majolica Majorca – Gorgeous make-up in gorgeous packaging

Mary Magdalene – Classic lolita brand for lovers of opulent style

Me Jane – Sister brand to Ma*rs, trend-focused

Mercury Duo – Gyaru style with a vintage flair

Metamorphose – Lovely lolita fashion brand, not afraid to innovate

Mikio Sakabe – Urban Occult done right with one eye on pop culture

Milkfed – Off-beat trends from Harajuku brand

Min Plume – Girly style popular with the younger crowd

Minir Dees – Trend-based and French-influenced feminine brand

Moi-meme-Moitie – Elegant gothic lolita from Mana

Monomania – Unisex unique monotone fashion

Murua – Mode gyaru style, produced by Momoko Ogihara

Pink House – Perhaps the original lolita brand, more antique to modern eyes

Runurunu – True individual design

Sex Pot Revenge – Neo-punk style from the Harajuku streets

Share Spirit – ethnic designs from around the world from various ages come together to make this one of the most popular cult brands in Japan.

Sister – Simply the best hosiery around

Soareak – Stylish clothing from a girly favourite

Spank! – Vintage Americana and original items from fairy-kei pioneers

Spiral Girl – On-trend fashion from gyaru boundary-pushers

Super Lovers – London/Tokyo fashion fushion

Swimmer – Simply the cutest accessories and homeware

Titty & Co – Hilariously-named fun feminine fashion

Tokyo Bopper – Unisex iconic Harajuku shoes

WC – Chinatsu Wakatsuki’s fun and fashionable brand


Alice Black – 70s & 80s inspired punk jewelry that has gone done a storm with the fashionistas.

and meat… – Visceral leather and brass work in Koenji.

Artemis Classic – Mainstream trend heavy silver jewelry, but of very high quality.

Atelier Shima – Pirate Jewelery that has no equal.

Bloody Mary – Unisex and breathtakingly beautiful gold and silver with detail unmatched.

Chigo – Punk rock style from a band that doesn’t play music.

Chrome Hearts – No introduction required here.

Deaf Breed – Organic masterpieces from one of the coolest guys in the business.

Dicokick – Kitsch and cute designs

Gaboratory – The work of Gabor Nagy who many agree is the founder of men’s jewelery as we know it today.

Galica – Fun Mexican inspired Kustom accessories.

Gondoa – Sterling Silver and Brass inspired by nature in Harajuku’s La Foret.

Holloow – Ken Blood makes visual jewelery that is a witty as it is gorgeous.

Justin Davis – The silver brand synonymous with pretty much every subculture in Japan.

Legio Made – The most beautiful and detailed mystical jewelery you can possibly imagine.  Recommend.

Luciferian Art – Heavy Metal born hand made jewelry from the exceptionally talented U-Ki Amagai.

Lone Ones – Serious luxury and status silver from Leonard Kamhout.

Mad Cult – Cult, heavy, rough biker jewelry with a great sideline in custom bike parts.

Q pot – Innovative and cute stand-out designs.

Senju – Finely sculptured dark imagery.

Share One’s Fate – Classic Gothic Biker Jewelry – the Japanese Gabor (and I don’t say that lightly).

Skuranger – Stunningly accurate skull and bone jewelry who does a good side-line in specimens.

Solitary Goat – Back to basics sterling silver animal jewelery of exceptional quality.

Strange Freak Designs – Genuinely disconcertingly characterful silver jewelry.

The Mint House – The kitschest cross-stitch you’ll ever see.

Vintage & Petals – Organic jewelry perfect for mori girls