Gemina is a relatively small brand in the world of Japanese silver, but given the amount of fakes I have seen recently – which is usually my measure of success – they are beginning to get pretty popular.  I remember when I first saw the brand back in Shimokitazawa in Stroker, and that is the most imporant thing, that I actually remember that first impression!  Any brand that manages to occupy space in my head that sees about 100 new skull rings a week is doing something right.  A couple of years later and thanks to a skull ring collaboration with Pachinko / Slots king Yamasa and Capcom’s Resident Evil / Biohazard series of games, they are gaining steam and ready to hit the big time.

The look is dark without being necessarily gothic and draws from ideas from mythology around the world.  I just love the ghostly Japanese skull in the bottom right here, replete with hand engraved mantra and 18k gold souls floating around the temples.  Very bold, very serious and right up my alley!  I also appreciate his nods to nordic tradition with his work including cabochon set crown-like structures.

As a designer he is very open to custom and one-off work and will break out the gold at a moments notice, not to mention rarer alloys of silver such as pink and black.  Not only that, but he does not skimp on silver unlike a lot of his contemporaries – though I must say that until he redesigned the choker in the top right, it was far too heavy to wear coming in at around 200 grams!

Biohazard / Resident Evil fans might want to check out this ring which was produced in very limited quantities and is now a literal jewel in many collections.  Design-wise it is a credible way to show your admiration for a great series, not unlike the silver Final Fantasy jewelery I wrote about before.

All in all I am a big fan of Gemina’s slightly sorrowful skull jewelery.  I think I might post something about very “Japanese” jewelery soon, but do let me know if there is any style you want to hear more about.


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