Fashionista favourite the world over Julius has managed to keep something very quintessentially Japanese to his AW 2010 collection despite the aforementioned international appeal.  Clearly cut to fit the world of Japanese street fashion designer Tatsuro Horikawa manages to incorporate elements of couture into hard-wearing practical collections – this is street fashion at its peak.

goth_ik is the theme of the collection and there is something very dark and classically gothic about the look, but in the same way that he has managed to temper haute couture to the street, so too has Julius managed to stay heavily on the side of street credibility while exercising his considerable creativity.

I love the twisted laces line to the boots above, with matching jeans and jacket!  A great look I would be happy to just cut and paste onto me.

It is actually relatively rare for me to get excited about the cut and design of clothes, usually I am passionate about the materials that are used and the detailing, but with Julius it is the very form of the pieces that forms the focus of my enthusiasm.

Thank the lord we are heading out of steamy summer and into the most exciting time of the fashion year (for me) – bring on the need for outers and lots of layers – I have missed you.  Feel free to tune me in to what you are excited about in fashion this fall, as for me I am going to be gripped to Julius.


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3 Responses to BRAND: JULIUS

  1. Uncontrol says:

    Wow, talk about a brand I never expected to see here. Julius is definitely a really cool brand. No prints and very monochromatic colouring but the construction and design is just so sick.

    I love this red leather jacket they put out:

    Unfortunately, it’s like $3000, so I’ll settle with the TM one I picked up for $200 lol

  2. tokyotelephone says:

    Indeed, Julius falls into the category of something to enjoy from a distance and appreciate how it influences the other brands lower down the fashion-chain. Nothing wrong with being a bit aspirational from time to time though and Julius is one brand that definitely makes me want to earn it.

  3. […] all, instead of a plastic bag from Louis Vuitton.  He may not a design pioneer like wonderful Julius, but what he does is take classic wearable designs, give them a subtle stylistic nudge and then […]

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