Achingly cool new brand Jury Black has burst onto the Gyaru-O scene without actually having so much as a stockist in 109-2 or anywhere else for that matter.  That is right – internet only at the moment – but I am guessing with all the buzz around them a Shibuya or Harajuku shop is but seconds away (oh and by the way, they will ship internationally if you ask nicely).  The aforementioned buzz is courtesy of Ryoma plugging their gear in Mens Knuckle and most surprisingly of all a solid representation in Ageha.  That has got to be something of a rarity in my mind – spreads in both men and women’s magazines using the same clothes, but considering that the look is so unisex (even for Gyaru-O) this can come as no surprise.

The look is pretty much an A-Z of current trends with plenty of drapes, layers and studs.  The inspiration is UK rock – but obviously with a heavy Japanese lens along the way.  My favorite items are those of the studded variety especially those sporting my trend of the moment – studs through rips in jeans.  The other stand out item for me is these boots available in black or red:

Awesome all round and they have a hidden secret inside in the form or an insole to give you a total boost of 6.5 cms, probably putting these boots at the limit I could comfortably walk in!  But frankly everyone looks better with a slightly proportionally longer leg than nature intended – so naysayers be damned – you will look better and it contributes to the whole unisex look.

Check out their full collection at

(Yes that is – told you they were cool!)


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