Continuing on from my Closet Child post I wrote the other day I thought I would mention another benefit of that wonderful shop – especially as that aforementioned benefit was draped over my shoulders yesterday.  Namely that the great thing about the scope that Closet Child uses to select their stock is anything that fits the Gyaru-O / Host remit.  This means that you see some brands that normally would never be even close to being on your fashion radar.  On this occasion I was in CC with Rebecca when she pointed out a suit jacket she thought I would like – then laughed as she looked at the label – it was a Morgan jacket.  Now I am not sure when kind of reputation or image Morgan enjoys in your respective countries – but to me it is not a particularly cool one!  Anyway, here is the jacket in question:

Very nice in my humble opinion – 2 kinds of black denim used to pick out the detailing, really nice military buttons and fully lined sleeves (a real rarity in denim jackets).  Perfect for a relaxed office and for your off time – and a mere 3800 yen – bargain o’clock!

Looking at the rest of Morgan Homme’s collection I was hardly surprised that I had never been in there before (it is a little bland for my money) but it just goes to show that you can never write off a brand entirely.  Conveniently there is a Morgan Homme shop opposite the Tornado Mart on the 3F of OIOI Men in Shinjuku, so next time I am passing I will definitely call in.  But for now I will satisfy myself with my unexpected bargain and by thanking to Closet Child for opening my eyes to a new brand.


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