Schlussel claims to be a mash-up of Euro and rock styles, and while I can certainly see that, the essence of the brand still strikes me as very Japanese.  But where as a the similar OIOI brand Tornado Mart does very similar things with very similar influences, in the latter the cut is far more extreme with obscenely tight trousers and waists coupled with exaggerated bell bottoms, Schlussel chooses to play it safe and keeps the clothes wearable and easy to coordinate.  While that makes a complete outfit slightly too pedestrian for my tastes, picking out a couple of key (I struggled to find a good German pun here – sorry!) items is inviting because as you shall see they do some things damn well.

I have stuck to a sharp grey palate with my selections above, but they do do the brighter colours well, I just thought the above personified their style influences rather well.  The dying on the jeans in the top left is particularly sublimely skeletal as is the wonderful faux-dip dye effect on the cardigan.  As for the T-shirts, I am most certainly not the kind of guy to get excited over anything like that usually, but I find the gravitas of the two I have selected above to be absolutely spot-on.

Elsewhere I first became aware of the brand as to my mind they were the first to start using chains on the rips in distressed denim which is a look I have always enjoyed (no matter how long I spend repairing it myself!).  They do well each season with high-quality interesting pieces, but given the higher OIOI price point as opposed to 109-2 I would just want more of a statement from a brand before I get involved.

For me this is a brand that I pass through whenever I am in Marui men’s, just after going to the great silver complex DEMA in the Shinjuku one, on the way to Tornado Mart.  If anything intrigues me it is usually in the sale because as I have said before the cut is just not quite fitted enough for me.   It does not matter how pretty your prints are or how many clever flourishes you may add, if the cut isn’t there it is just not going to make its way into my wardrobe – tailoring is the key to my fashion.


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6 Responses to BRAND: SCHLUSSEL

  1. brad-t says:

    Schlussel is a cool brand, I check it out every now and then. They have a lot of cool pieces but as you said the price is usually too high for me for such “understated” looks, or it’s simply too drapey for me, which appeals to me a lot but isn’t something I think I can fit in with my look.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi i just discovered the brand on a trip to Japan. Do they have an online shop? You’re the first online mention of the brand i can find.

  3. Samuel says:

    @ Daniel

    Well done for digging up such an old post! I like Schlussel as well and it is a real shame that they really have virtually no online presence. In terms of buying obviously you can use Rakuten or a shopping service to shop Japanese sites and I think the OIOI webshop would probably be the best place to start looking.

    Good luck and let me know if you need any more info,


  4. Pokdi says:

    Schlussell brands it vintage?

  5. Pokdi says:

    Schlussell brand its vintage?

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