London based Japanese designers Ryo Yamazaki and Kohji Yanagi have taken their obviously Japanese eye to Western punk and produced something really quite special in their first ever collection for their new brand BREAKS.  The concept is to take on the traditionally course punk, but with a modern aesthetic and through that finding new ways to rebel.  It is no longer enough to cover yourselves in spikes, to rebel as a man takes a lot more these days.

With that in mind, expect more subtle anarchy than the usual punk fare, classy detailing and this seasons breakthrough item – the male skirt.  Continue reading for a couple of different lookbooks and hopefully I can convince you to vote for them in the Evoque Fashion Award powered by Garmz.

I find it refreshing that even though occult punk seems to be the flavor of the moment, BREAKS has gone for an altogether classier neo-punk which ultimately makes for a collection with wide-appeal but still enough edgy items for those who want to make their message loud and clear:

Really love the sense of controlled destruction in these styled shots.

The official lookbook so you can see the pieces in isolation:

Overall I think there is an awful lot to be impressed with here and it is especially impressive for a first collection.  If you are a convert as I have been since I first clapped eyes on them then definitely vote for them in this competition which aims to give breaks (ahem) to new emerging brands.  They are up against some serious competition, but as a punk child of London town myself, I want them to go far.

Keep an eye on their homepage here and join me in supporting new designers where you can.

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